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This is a question Crappy relationships

"Recently," Broken Arrow tells us, "The missus informed me that her brother was moving with us." What has your partner done that's convinced you the magic's gone? "Breathe" is not an answer.

(, Thu 21 Oct 2010, 12:33)
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The more I read of these stories
The more I think we should post Naked Revenge Photos of the mad women/men featured... especially since the general gist is "he/she was insane, but gorgeous!"

Who's with me?
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:16, 11 replies)
Can almost hear libel solicitors getting moist at the very suggestion.

Like the idea though!!
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:23, closed)
Why? No names are used, in general

(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:31, closed)
it is, after all, impossible to recognise someone from only their picture.
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:36, closed)
I just checked out the definition for both slander and libel and I think you may be o.k there. Get's my vote will definately add some depth to the stories!! Don't know what happens in a your word against their's situation, if they argue the story is false...I think it is slander then.
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:36, closed)
A little blurring of the face would surely do?
That's assuming that the face is visible in the photo, of course...
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:49, closed)
You just
want some pics of bunny-boilers to use as wanking fodder
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:58, closed)
You make that sound like a bad thing.

(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 14:58, closed)
And, to be fair, I did include men in my suggestion
But apart from that, guilty as charged, m'lud

Is it working?
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 15:10, closed)
what is it with all this recordingeverything?
Why must everyone try to capture everything so that it is recorded forever?
Personally I don't want anyone recording my image in any way. I'm tempted to carry a decent camera around and just get an image of anyone else who point theirs my way.
(, Fri 22 Oct 2010, 18:05, closed)
Good luck getting the CCTV guys

(, Sat 23 Oct 2010, 9:45, closed)
If I could be arsed I'm sure I could get pictures of them.
As it is I may one day make some requests under the data protection act and have the cunts send me all the footage they have of me. Sadly I'm sure they won't follow the letter of the law and I won't end up costing them much.
(, Sat 23 Oct 2010, 14:07, closed)

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