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This is a question Money-saving tips

I'm broke, you're broke, we're all broke. Even the smug guy on the balcony with the croissant hasn't got two AmEx gold cards to rub together these days. Tell everybody your schemes to save cash.

(, Thu 10 Nov 2011, 18:09)
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Convert your car to run on LPG as well as petrol. If you're competent it's a DIY job for £500 - £1,000, and if you pay someone it'll come in at £1,000 - £2,000. However, it will roughly half your fuel bills, so payback is pretty fast and just keeps on going. I reckon I'm now well over £5,000 ahead.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 9:43, 8 replies)
My Best man did this.
Bought himself a jeep cherokee to get all his camping and surfing equipment in. The cylinder was so mahoosive it filled the boot and he had little room left for all this tosser gear.

It also ran like shite on the LPG.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 10:11, closed)
he had a rotten conversion done then
The big Cherokees can have the gas tank slung underneath and the little Port one can have a combined gas and petrol tank in place of the original tank. There is absolutely no need to lose the boot at all. If it's running badly tell him to stop whining and have the fucker tuned. A properly set up LPG system will be indistinguishable from a petrol one when driving.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 10:22, closed)
He moved to Australia
And drives a V8 now.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 10:36, closed)
The 1st car I had that ran on gas
lpg was in roughly the low 20 cents range.
18 odd years later the price has trebled, yet we here in Western Australia have an lpg pipe-line (running directly from the gas-fields) that has been part of our states infrastructure for decades.
Controlled market price anyone?
Hey it's still roughly half of petrol's price so - nyer.
EDIT: Over here it's not something that you could diy as you would have to have a license which would cost you more than the tank, carby kit and injectors combined.
2nd EDIT: My tank hangs like a pair of dog's balls. On a Holden Rodeo dual-cab fourby 02.
3rd EDIT: Runs like a fucking shower of shit. Nice tidy v6 with custom injectors.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 10:31, closed)
Gas fields
produce methane, which is occasionally used in cars as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Autogas (LPG) is a propane/butane mix and is produced from oil during the distillation and cracking processes.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:32, closed)
Lots of cars in Brazil run on that.
Seems it's better on larger engines.

The small cars, around 1,000cc were absolutely dreadful. They'd barely get up hills.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 12:18, closed)
I'm in the middle of converting my car now.
Front end's all done, sensors etc all in place. Just need to fit the tank and pipes and I'm* all done.

*I'm my friends who are doing it for me
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:27, closed)
All very well.
Until they put up the tax on LPG. You don't think they are going to let you people keep getting away with not paying taxes do you?
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:36, closed)

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