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This is a question Sleepwalking

A friend of mine once cooked an entire meal for two in her sleep, ate the lot and washed-up before going back to bed.
She has also awoken to find herself naked, on a fire escape in Fulham, confronted by two burly - and not to mention excitable - officers of the Metropolitan Police.

She doesn't even live in Fulham.

(, Wed 22 Aug 2007, 22:21)
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not sure if this counts.
I was 13 at the time and desperately horny (of course). My very first girlfriend, who was a game girl, had suggested going skinny dipping in the canal at night. I duly set my alarm for 3am, crept out and walked down the lane to her house. Of course, she didn't wake up and I spent a fruitless 10 minutes throwing pebbles at her bedroom window, hoping not to wake her parents.

Disheartened, I started to walk home. Suddenly I saw car headlights approaching so I hid, and was shocked to see my Dad drive past. It suddenly occurred to me that I'd only hit snooze on my alarm. "SHIATTT!".

I started running, knowing he had to get to the end of the lane to turn around. It was hopeless. I'd never make it. Only one option.
Limp hands outstretched in front of me, I started the cartoon-zombie type walk of the sleep walker.

He fell for it. He pulled up and gently ushered me into the car, drove me home and gave me sweet tea til my ears bled.
I fessed up a few years ago.
(, Fri 24 Aug 2007, 12:33, Reply)

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