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This is a question Sleepwalking

A friend of mine once cooked an entire meal for two in her sleep, ate the lot and washed-up before going back to bed.
She has also awoken to find herself naked, on a fire escape in Fulham, confronted by two burly - and not to mention excitable - officers of the Metropolitan Police.

She doesn't even live in Fulham.

(, Wed 22 Aug 2007, 22:21)
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The Big Dogs
My older brother used to suffer from pretty horrific nightmares, and hearing him scream in the middle of the night was a quite common occurance.

One night a good ten years ago, i woke up to hear the usual sounds of terror from his room, so i just rolled over and tried to ignore it. Then, *Thump, thump, SMASH!!* ; i ran into his room to find him standing on his windowledge, the window wide open, a baseball bat on the floor next to his shattered mirror, screaming that the big dogs were chasing him. And yes, completely fast asleep. Needless to say he about shit himself when he woke up half out of a second story window.
(, Wed 29 Aug 2007, 9:59, Reply)

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