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This is a question Sleepwalking

A friend of mine once cooked an entire meal for two in her sleep, ate the lot and washed-up before going back to bed.
She has also awoken to find herself naked, on a fire escape in Fulham, confronted by two burly - and not to mention excitable - officers of the Metropolitan Police.

She doesn't even live in Fulham.

(, Wed 22 Aug 2007, 22:21)
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Obligatory Sleep-wee Story
This one was quite recent, happend sometime in the last week of 2006.

I'd come home from my rugby club's new years party a little worse for wear, having drank amounts of guinness and jack daniels that would be fatal to anyone outside of the rugby-playing community, and had pretty much passed out as soon as i got to my bed.

Now this was in the middle of a period of very vivid, if not lucid dreams, and when i felt my bladder beginning to overflow, i got out of bed and made my way to the toilet, just down the hall. After the urgency had passed, i looked around and thought 'this is a dream'. This was instantly followed by the thought 'where am i pissing', and i then opened my eyes and found myself still in my room, standing over a tank of sodden sawdust containing two very wet and angry gerbils.

sorry till, sorry flake,
(, Wed 29 Aug 2007, 10:08, Reply)

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