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This is a question Social Networking Gaffes

Freddy Woo writes, "My school bully just friended me on Facebook!" No doubt he pokes him, and then demands his lunch money.

Personally, last month a scantily clad young woman confused me with her fiance, with whom I share a first and last name. I'm still not sure she's noticed, but she's going to be mortified when she does.

What's the biggest mistake you've made using a social networking site?

(, Thu 11 Sep 2008, 14:06)
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The Facebook Stalker
Prior to finding true love with my current missus, I was affectionately known by many friends and colleagues as "The Facebook Stalker". You see, I'm quite a shy and timid person when it comes to the opposite sex and the thought of actually talking to a girl I liked the look of has actually caused me to vomit on one or two occasions.

Because of this I thought it a good idea to actually find out some things about whatever girl had taken my eye that day in order to decide if it was even worth the hassle, this was largely determined on pictoral evidence as apposed to actually reading anything, I mean, everyone lies on these things anyway right?

So what I would do, is find out their full name, or if we had any mutual acquatances, and then take a quick look on facebook or the other one and see if they had a profile. Once located I would add them with a comment along the lines of "Hey, I think we know each other through X so I thought I would add you, how are you". This usually resulted in a new "friend" and a couple of messages to and fro before one or both of us got either bored or uncomfortable.

No punchline per-say, but now that I'm in a healthy, happy relationship, may I just say:

Lauren, Sue, Mel, Hannah, the other Hannah, Ellie, Louise, Caroline and Stephanie; I'm very sorry for adding you, sending you a few messages and then not talking to you again once I found out you were involved/pregnant/not interested/a bit of a nutter/boring.
(, Sun 14 Sep 2008, 21:12, 5 replies)
Here's another one who'd rather do the online equivalent of sitting in the bushes rubbing his cock.
(, Sun 14 Sep 2008, 22:43, closed)
Fucking hell.
You sound like a FABulous catch.
(, Sun 14 Sep 2008, 23:33, closed)
Fabulous catch?
Yes I'm a fucking legend.

And wanking in the bushes? At what point did I mention I ever had my cock out you fucktard?
(, Mon 15 Sep 2008, 7:10, closed)
Top replying there.

(, Mon 15 Sep 2008, 11:07, closed)
We just assumed
that it was implied...
(, Mon 15 Sep 2008, 11:21, closed)

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