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This is a question Tactless

As grandmasterfluffles puts it, "My ex once told me, "That's the best sex I've ever had... Well, apart from with my cousin..."
What's the most tactless thing you've heard? And was it you saying it?

(, Thu 3 Nov 2011, 22:40)
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Oops :(
I made a pic for b3ta one early morning in the office ages ago and emailed it to the team for a laugh.

I got a reply from one guy on the team who wasn't best amused...."Can you not send me that please, my brother has Downs"
"Bet you got crayons everywhere" was not the reply I should have sent.
Just as well he knew my sense of humour, oh how I'd laugh in the Dole queue...
(, Sun 6 Nov 2011, 14:51, closed)

Would you mind awfully if I sent that picture to a couple of associates?

P.s. 'click'
(, Sun 6 Nov 2011, 17:06, closed)
You are most welcome to :)

(, Sun 6 Nov 2011, 20:31, closed)

(, Sun 6 Nov 2011, 17:13, closed)
^ What Turtle said.

(, Sun 6 Nov 2011, 19:44, closed)
I'm fairly sure I wasn't challenged but as a 6 year old even I had a crafty nibble
at a crayon 'just to see' and so I found out it was broadly similar to how a candle tasted when you just had nibble 'just to see'. This only happened because my folks used to take me to church a lot and so the availability of candles was higher than average. 33 years later I could have potentially become a trolley wrestler for LIDL. But I am Isn't. I fink.
(, Mon 7 Nov 2011, 0:31, closed)
I remember hating how the wax got stuck on my teeth.
It was even worse after my full set of adult teeth grew in.
(, Mon 7 Nov 2011, 4:21, closed)
murffle, shloffle, chomp, chomp,chomp.
EDIT:"Hey, we're the same age!"
(, Mon 7 Nov 2011, 5:36, closed)
I'm sorry to hear that
no one should be our age, waiting for the calendar to click over and have to say for an entire year 'Yes, I'm 40. Get over it.'
(, Mon 7 Nov 2011, 8:02, closed)

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