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This is a question Party Tricks and Secret Talents

Everyone (okay, *most* people) has a party trick or little piece of skill they can pull out when they need to show off. Tell us how you impressed everyone (then drove away in your Honda Accord), or alternatively how you fell flat on your face.

(, Thu 14 May 2015, 17:24)
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10/05/15 Entry 710 (BBC).
Examining the big ethical and religious issues of the week on Sunday Morning Live.

My reflexes have been honed by three years of obsession. With an 'Eddie Eye' and split-second accuracy I am now able to hit 'pause' at the exact moment when the largest area of underwear is on display. I hope that you, faithful reader, will understand my little joke, I was of course referring to the famous sportsperson, Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards. I have a poster of him on the wall, just underneath my infant school swimming certificate and the A2 '2013 London Marathon' stills.

Today's outfit: Sian is sporting a pretty navy cardigan over a blue dress with a diagonal neckline: the angle descending from the outer collarbone and meeting on the sternum at approximately rib 5. Slight suggestion of upper curve of breast, quite tastefully done however. Simple gold chain necklace with a small opal. Basic ladies wristwatch. Two pearl earrings. Same makeup as previous three weeks. Hair has slightly more blonde in it. Left leg over right when the time comes. Sexy inviting black panties on show for 0.6 seconds at 03:51 in from end of title sequence. Must remember to bookmark this for repeat viewings, it is one of the finer sightings in my archive.

3 minutes 42 to reach orgasm.
11cc of ejaculate produced.
Today's receptacle: 'Norwich City FC' mug with broken handle, contains week-old coffee and an estimated 3mm thickness of mould. It was about time I threw that old thing out anyhow.

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 0:12, 15 replies)
click from me

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 7:02, closed)

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 8:40, closed)

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 9:15, closed)

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 9:32, closed)

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 9:46, closed)

(, Sat 16 May 2015, 12:54, closed)
feed the mould

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 7:09, closed)
"Come on The Canaries!"
So he did.
(, Fri 15 May 2015, 7:58, closed)
it's like I am there, observing.

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 8:31, closed)

Just putting this here
(, Fri 15 May 2015, 21:32, closed)
win win

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 8:50, closed)
there's really no point anybody posting anything else

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 8:52, closed)
you could complain about the mods and Bea pictures, abloo bloo bloo

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 9:24, closed)
poking the bloobloo mods is the only sport left on here now that envee has gone Full Farthome

(, Fri 15 May 2015, 9:32, closed)
Go on
Give that a try
(, Fri 15 May 2015, 9:29, closed)

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