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This is a question Travel

I've had guns pointed at me in many different countries, sometimes even by our own side. I've also sat on my own on a beach on a desert island, which was nice because nobody was trying to shoot me. Tell us your tales of foreign travel.

Thanks to SnowytheRabbit for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Apr 2013, 17:43)
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Go to France and order an English breakfast and they'll bring it to you.
Go to Holland and order an English breakfast and they'll bring it to you.
Go to Germany and order an English breakfast and they'll bring it to you.
Go to Ireland and order an English breakfast and you'll get a load of sarcastic remarks about "Dae ye not mean an Oirish breakfast?" and when it arrives it'll be horrible.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 16:34, 28 replies)
What happens when you order an Oirish breakfast in England?

(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 16:45, closed)
I dunno
I didn't enjoy the one I had in Ireland
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 16:48, closed)
You won't get any hash browns.

(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 17:18, closed)
Pint of guiness
and a chaser.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 17:21, closed)
Tastier and probably more nutritious than white pudding and soda bread, anyway

(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 17:41, closed)
Good white pudding is excellent.

(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 18:25, closed)
If you order an English Breakfast or an Irish Breakfast in Canada
you will get a Twinings tea bag and a cup of hot water.
But only in the classy places.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 23:27, closed)
That's because moose-fuckers are of porridge-wog stock. And therefore 'careful with money'.
As opposed to the French moose-fuckers. Who just hate the English.
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 9:39, closed)
I'm a big fan of the Canadian breakfast
Every so often I'll treat myself to bacon and blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream, it really is the king of starts to the day

(with a proper cup of tea, obviously)
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 9:47, closed)
You've just given me a craving for a bunch of things I can't get here! They put honey on their pancakes here, ffs!
(, Wed 24 Apr 2013, 4:54, closed)
Well, to be fair...
... none of those other places had to suffer eight hundred years of British rule.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 23:48, closed)
but the British have had to put up with British rule for longer
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 9:24, closed)
That’s a poor excuse for producing a second rate breakfast

(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 9:41, closed)

I'm not suggesting it as an excuse... but there are some people around the place who still (for whatever reason) take it personally.
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:32, closed)

The Most Opressed People Ever TM
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:37, closed)

Yeah, but try telling them that..
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 21:08, closed)
Thankfully the British have never had any conflicts with the French, Germans or the Dutch, for that matter

(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 9:49, closed)

None that involved 800 years of occupation, no.
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:34, closed)

Using those timescales the most of Europe and the whole of the 'new world' are under occupation.
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:40, closed)
Other than the Norman occupation which was about 950 years ago now
The Normans invaded Ireland too, come to think of it
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 11:08, closed)
It cuts both ways
We've had 800 years about the irish whining on about it
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 12:11, closed)
Breakfast of champions muthafukkas!

(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:16, closed)
That looks like it fell out of an abused infant's arse - how can it possibly be the breakfast of anyone other than a habitual paedophile?
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:34, closed)
Ya lazy lilly.
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 12:22, closed)
I don't think this qualifies as food,
let alone breakfast.
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 13:03, closed)
Pigs have to eat summat, MM.

(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 13:15, closed)
Fortifying themselves for an afternoon
working the red light district?
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 14:29, closed)
Ulster Fry?
It'll sober you up in no time and put that lining back on your stomach. So ya maaaaan says.
(, Wed 24 Apr 2013, 16:32, closed)

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