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This is a question Trolls

Are you a troll? Ever been trolled? Ever pwn3d a troll with your 1337 intarnet sk1llz? Or do you live under a bridge and eat goats? Tell us your trolly stories, both from the web and from real life

Thanks to The Hedgehog From Hell for the suggestion

(, Thu 19 May 2011, 11:49)
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Seeing Happy Phantom's mention of Yahoo Answers...
reminded me of my trolling hour. Yes, a whole hour. The gist is that I was put in the direction of the site by a friend who said "it aint great, but it does sometimes get results."
So I posted a Q about PDC's (something to do with wheel ratio's or bolt distances etc) and whilst waiting thought I'd check out the jokes for a giggle. I then noticed one user on every single joke who posted 'HaHa. Funny.' to EVERY joke. Wow, methinks a troll is about. Not abusive or annoying, just answering every joke to get points. I thought this was sad but an opoortunity to troll her/him/it just for a challenge.
Task one was to try to get my post directly under theirs and leave joke/smart alec comment. this went ok, managed it twice.
Task two was to try to get there first and predict the inevietable response. Not bad, four successes!
Lastly, I decided to take direct action and post stupid/non-funny/no punchline jokes to see if I could get the response and be able to spit sarcasm at the troll from the edit button.

After ten sad jokes and lack of suitably sarcastic responses I gave up having wasted an hour and a half trying to catch out someone I don't even know, let alone if they even cared.

Trolling is a very boring and sad existence from my own limited experience. Got the answer to my question, though. So not totally wasted.
(, Sat 21 May 2011, 14:32, 2 replies)

It's PCD not PDC-Pitch Circumference Diameter. (I would normally call you names such as twat or fucknugget but I have a rather large Sunday morning pooh brewing and it is going to be too good to miss!)
(, Sun 22 May 2011, 8:57, closed)

HaHa. Funny
(, Mon 23 May 2011, 15:19, closed)

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