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This is a question Weddings Part II

Attending a wedding is like being handed a licence to act like a twat. Oh how I laughed when I sobered up and realised I'd nicked most of the plates and cutlery from the posh hotel lunch and those vague memories of stealthily exiting like a cat-burglar had in fact involved falling out of the hotel, knives and forks clattering onto the steps.

Tell us more of your wedding stories.

(, Mon 3 Nov 2014, 18:10)
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I had two weddings
Which was nice.
(, Tue 11 Nov 2014, 13:39, 3 replies)
I had your mum.
Not so nice.
(, Tue 11 Nov 2014, 15:15, closed)
As you do not mention a divorce
one must assume that you are a bigamist or a Mormon. Neither of which are so nice....

..in the eyes of UK law.
(, Tue 11 Nov 2014, 20:36, closed)
the funeral was interrupted halfway through

(, Tue 11 Nov 2014, 20:41, closed)

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