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This is a question Weddings Part II

Attending a wedding is like being handed a licence to act like a twat. Oh how I laughed when I sobered up and realised I'd nicked most of the plates and cutlery from the posh hotel lunch and those vague memories of stealthily exiting like a cat-burglar had in fact involved falling out of the hotel, knives and forks clattering onto the steps.

Tell us more of your wedding stories.

(, Mon 3 Nov 2014, 18:10)
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This question is now closed.

do we still get stepped for saying that Rob Fairholme is a dreary sex offender who masturbates to pictures of dead children?

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 16:12, Reply)
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! xx ;P

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 15:45, Reply)
I actually have a story for this week
But I'm not telling
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 15:33, 2 replies)
3 weeks of wedding fever!!!

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 14:13, 3 replies)
I got married once

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 13:54, 1 reply)

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 12:22, Reply)
Bring Back Dr Shambolic

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 12:14, 1 reply)
I just did a 'Gaseous Clay'.

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 12:12, Reply)
No, me

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 12:11, Reply)
so who's going to make the last post in qotw....4EVA?
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 12:02, Reply)
A great philosopher once said
"Naughty naughty, very naughty".
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 12:01, 2 replies)

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 11:28, 4 replies)
And when I opened my eyes
There was a cup of tea waiting for me!!!
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 11:15, Reply)
New question's up
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 11:11, Reply)
It's alright I've sorted it
Please vote for the new QFTW!

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 11:00, 3 replies)

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 10:49, Reply)
this is why I love QOTW
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 10:34, Reply)
Welcome to qotm

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 10:13, Reply)
Only 2255 more stories needed to beat the record

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 9:29, Reply)

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 9:13, 1 reply)
Um... if you mean worst record I've bought
... do you?

edit: meh, whatever, i'll do it anyway

I was eight, it was one of those cheesy novelty bands, don't remember their name.
Reason? I was 10, ish

and yes this probably is just a cheap excuse to get the last answer EVER

woo me i'm making some sort of insignificant milestone

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 9:11, 1 reply)
Please can we close QOTW now?

(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 9:01, Reply)
At least
You can get out of a marriage!
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 8:30, 2 replies)
This question has been on so long, it feels like I'm married to it.
And I want a divorce.
(, Fri 21 Nov 2014, 5:03, Reply)
I had a surprisingly vivid dream last night
in which I was walking past a shop in the Thistle Centre in Stirling (I think it was supposed to be Top Man, although it was exactly where John Menzies used to be) and saw that it was closed down and the windows were covered over. But on the door was a big sign saying "Steven Spielberg presents b3ta.com" and some small print. I went towards the automatic door, and it slid open.

Inside, the place was empty of shelves and gondolas. On every piece of bare wall, someone had stuck sheets of A4 - some blank, some with faded colour printouts of parts of Freebase's face and torso, forming numerous giant Freebase collages across the cavernous, empty interior of the shop.

A b3tan of my acquaintance was standing there, looking pleased with himself and slightly unhinged. I don't recall any of the details of our subsequent conversation, but the gist was that this was his way of taking the piss out of the shitfest /board has turned into.

At this point, I was thinking but we don't know any other b3ta people in this area, so it's a weirdly elaborate in-joke that nobody's going to get, and I don't even live here anymore.

Then potential customers kept coming in and looking around, utterly bemused, and I found myself explaining to them that the shop was closed, and all this was a private joke, and that they'd probably better leave because they wouldn't understand it and there was nothing to buy anyway, and they all went away again, confused and slightly angry.

Then I woke up.

Fuck-all to do with weddings, but it was a pretty good dream metaphor for b3ta.
(, Thu 20 Nov 2014, 22:30, 5 replies)

This question is now closed.

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