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This is a question I met a weirdo on the interweb

Now, I've met lots of nice people on the internet - but it's the weird ones that stick in your mind. Such as the guy who borrowed a film off me in Cambridge and turned out to be so smelly, so hairy, so nervous and, well, so downright needy that I've never bothered getting it back.

Tell us about the strange people you've met on the internet.

(, Fri 17 Mar 2006, 9:31)
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1st of Many
I have met my fair share of people from the t'interweb and yes, as other b3tans have said, some are ok. There is, however, a large number of absolute freaks, liars, retards and psychos out there. This is the story of just one that i met.

Chatting randomly (cant even remember how it started) to some girl from Liverpool. She seemed a nice person and, whilst never going to win Miss Universe, was a far cry from ugly. So time passes and we start talking about meeting up. Credit to her, when the subject came up she did confess that she was a single mother of 2.

No worries, thought I, and then things started going wrong! About a week before the arranged meet, she texts me to say she needs to talk. I give her a call and she has decided to come clean and tell me the truth. Its more like 3 sprogs, not 2. A little miffed that she lied but still having some respect for her telling the truth, i think nothing of it and the meet is still arranged.

So im driving up there some time later and i get another text. Being the nice careful driver i am, i read it doing 90 up the M5. Turns out she has figured that ill soon realise its not 3 at all when i get there and tells me "honestly" that its 4, But no more!

Short pitstop at the services later and deep thought brings me to the decision that at least she is a go-er (i know, morals are high on this one eh?) and i continue my journey.

So we meet in a pub, have a couple of drinks and she suggests retiring back to hers. But what about her kids, i ask. Not to worry, babysitter to the rescue apparently. So off we go back to hers and things heat up a little.

Fortunately for me, the babysitter chooses this time (both of us hardly dressed but not quite got down to the dirty yet) to return said kids. ALL 6 OF THEM!

I kid you not, the girl was late 20s and had 6 kids!

About to stand up and walk out, i remember the drinks partaken of earlier and realise there is no way i can drive back down home (army camp!) reeking of booze. Not worth the risk. So i have no choice but to stay the night and think of Maggie Thatcher and blame the alcohol for the lack of performance on the old chap. Hey, with her track record, would you have slept with her?

Left in the morning and never contacted again. Lucky escape methinks.

\sorry for legnth, I do like my politicians!
(, Tue 21 Mar 2006, 16:56, Reply)

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