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This is a question Worst Band Ever

If I was in charge of the B3ta fatwa department, we wouldn't be hearing too much from Simply Red in the future. Who's on your musical shit list and why?

(, Thu 30 Dec 2010, 12:00)
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Jason Mraz oh and Phil Collins
Now, I'll be the first to admit, I've only heard one song by young Mr. Mraz but he needs to be put to death for his grotesque mispronunciation of hesitate (Hes-er-tate) in his song "I'm yours". I'm all for using artistic license to get that tricky lyric to rhyme, but this is in the middle of a line and makes me cringe/scream at the radio every single time I hear it.
Phil Collins is also guilty of this crime in his cover of "You can't hurry love" it an-tic-I-pating not an-tic-A-pating, got it? use correct bloody english!
(, Sun 2 Jan 2011, 6:19, 4 replies)
My first-born got a ukelele for Christmas.
And 'I'm yours' is the only song her or the Mrs can play.
I'm slowly going radio rentals.
(, Sun 2 Jan 2011, 6:31, closed)
To be fair
Diana Ross sings "antic-A-pating" in the original. How the fuck that shitty drummer cunt thought he had the talent to even approach a Motown classic is an entirely different issue.
(, Sun 2 Jan 2011, 9:02, closed)

There was a bloke singing on the BBC Breakfast News last week. Since the guy was rotund, bald and singing some old chestnut such as "Moon River" (with a big band, of course), I thought it was Phil Collins. Turned out it was a guy called Paul Carrack.
(, Sun 2 Jan 2011, 9:15, closed)

who is excellent. Mike and the Mechanics.
(, Mon 3 Jan 2011, 18:37, closed)

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