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This is a question Worst Nicknames Ever

Everyone wants a cool nickname like "Ace", "Boss", or "Iron". Kids being kids, that's not what we get - the kid with polio gets called Johnny Spazm, your Ginger Fuhrer was called Rob Man-you-smell and your question master was "Tommy" Trinder despite him being dead for years.

Tell us the worst you've heard and the stories behind them.

(, Thu 18 May 2006, 15:45)
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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
A guy I work with used to have long hair, all the way down to his arse... he's reasonably tall, but a bit on the light side.

Another bloke at work and I heard he'd just had his head shaved... not just cut short, but a complete skin-head. We figured he'd look like an AIDS victim. Who wouldn't. Ahem. Anyway, we changed the wallpaper on his PC to some pretty gross picture of an AIDS victim, made Bruce Springsteen's 'The Streets of Philadelphia' play when his PC was first turned on and his homepage set to the Terence Higgins Trust. Really childish stuff like that.

Ever since, he's been know as 'Mr. AIDS', 'AIDS Victim', just 'Victim' and of course, 'HIV'. Delightful.
(, Fri 19 May 2006, 19:07, Reply)

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