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(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:18, archived)
# He must've got her really wet!!

(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:20, archived)
# dutchbird did what now?
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:21, archived)
# right
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:23, archived)
# He has no fucking arms.
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:22, archived)
# Doesn't look much like Holland to me!
/has family in Vlaardingen (Rotterdam)
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:22, archived)
# it must be
google said so
and google never lies
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:24, archived)
# ...
This is generally true, mind. I once searched for "dumb motherfucker" and got this as the first hit. (SFW)
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:26, archived)
# see, I said so
(searches again and ... it's called "Dutch WIndmill", but it's by a USian, so what now right?)
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:36, archived)
# looks like a spanish windmill to me.
but it's all a big fat american lie! see below
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:26, archived)
# Afgrijselijke leugenaars - ik haat die 'Merkins'!
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:30, archived)
# Arf!
I never knew the hero of this story was thalidomide.
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:22, archived)
# I'm Dutch and I never even heard that story until it was mentioned in some american TV program or something like that.
*searches* - ah: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Brinker

"Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates is a novel by Mary Mapes Dodge, first published in 1865.

A part of the novel became an American legend. In the novel a tale is read out in class: The Hero of Haarlem about a Dutch boy that saved his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike, and staying there all night in spite of the cold."
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:25, archived)
# 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty, – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

Although, to be fair, anyone growing up with Mapes as a middle name is unlikely to know much about beauty
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:28, archived)
# Oh we were taught it from an early
age, but it was just a story meant to instill a sense of resonsibility and civic pride or something. Not meant to be taken literally. If it was a reall story then being Dutch it would have been a 12ft man named Jeroen who had his dick in a hole in the wall leak or no leak. ;)
(, Sat 3 Dec 2005, 0:31, archived)