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[challenge entry] In the future, all nuns will be jet powered

My first post and compo entry. Hello all. Apologies if this has been done before.

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(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:04, archived)
# haha
nice debut! :)
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:05, archived)
# Well done
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:17, archived)
# Please add the words
"WOO" and "YAY" to that animation.

Not that either of those are actually words.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:23, archived)
# I should probably add
a legal disclaimer, as I didn't do it...

(But it is cool though)
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:38, archived)
# The hills are alive...

Welcome a-board
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:06, archived)
# welcome
that is truly lovely.
her smile makes me smile too.
goodnight! no more f5 for me! :-/
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:07, archived)
# Woo Yay!
I wouldn't want to be behind her when she's turned on.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:07, archived)
# i
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:07, archived)
# Shplindid
I do hope you havent peaked too early tho, stuff like that is damm rare
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:07, archived)
# That's Sally Fields!
One of my childhood fantasies. She was in some show where she could read minds. And Smokey And The Bandit. I probably still would.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:13, archived)
# you have just put yourself
in your 30's

thanks for that, I no longer feel alone :o)
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:15, archived)
# AND...........
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:18, archived)
# 34 actually.
and no intention of growing up whatsoever.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:27, archived)
# We've
had this conversation before! About Tizwas! Yay for alcohol!
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:19, archived)
# Oh yeah
Sadly the alcohol supply is limited tonight, so Mrs Flan is gonna be missing her gin when she gets up in the morning, after that it's the turps
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:22, archived)
# Personally
I'd flatten the turps before the gin.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:23, archived)
# that was my thought at first
but now I have discovered a bottle of Grappa
that truly is "the piss of the gods"
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:26, archived)
# You
are going over the handlebars tomorrow. Mark my words.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:29, archived)
# Oooh Good
I've not had scabs on me knees for yonks
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:31, archived)
# i've got scabs on mine
cos i went arse over tit at euston station while running for a train not so long ago, and bashed both my knees. ouch.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 2:06, archived)
# young girls with scabby knees
I need to have a lay down now

pant pant
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 2:19, archived)
# Uhm, well spotted.
Yes, I am. And you are all too kind!

In fact, you're every kind. Boom tish!
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:30, archived)
# Smokey And The Bandit?
I can't remember wat that was about
but remember watching it
what the hell was it about?
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:17, archived)
# Burt Reynolds
in a Pontiac Firebird distracting the pigs while his mate drove a lorry full of something or other across America. The sequel involved the safe delivery of an elephant. That's elephant.

edit: And he fucks Sally Fields while she's wearing a wedding dress.

The cunt.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:21, archived)
# Apologies if this has been done before?
And you really think we've got the sort of diseased minds that make jet powered nuns, do you?

Actually, I guess you're right. Welcome to the board.

I had a thought on the way home from work this evening. I want to create a band called Syncopated Badger Baiting Nuns with the sole aim of getting something played by John Peel. With a name like that, he can't say no, can he?
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:13, archived)
# They're nuns that bait badgers
and they cross over from one bar to the next
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 1:15, archived)
# Wouldn't that be...
Hemiola'd Badger Baiting Nuns?
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 2:40, archived)
# Yeh.
Yeh it would.

(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 2:50, archived)