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[challenge entry] Harry....

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(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:25, archived)
# thread jack
ok guys... i'm stuck

i have to do a flash amin for uni under the title "votes are power." unfortunatly i have two problems

1) i don't know what to do and
2) i don't know how to use flash

if any one can help, it would be much appreciated.

(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:28, archived)
# animate version of the
the poll tax riots.
or just change it to change the first word to boats.
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:34, archived)
# i can't animate y'see
they expect us to make an animation in a program we haven't been taught how to use!
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:36, archived)
# Were
we skiving that lesson, eh? Eh? Eh?
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:39, archived)
# no no
no one has sat us down and told us how to use it
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:44, archived)
# flash isnt hard. honest.
there are lots of really helpful tutorials on the internet. Did they show you how to use google? :)
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:44, archived)
# its
lemon squeezie
read the help files there not great but there ok.
if you use photoshop you can use flash
its all layers.
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:47, archived)
# its not flash that i am really having the problem with
its what i am going to do it about!

i have to make an animation on encourage young people to vote, and all i can think about is kittens!!!
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:49, archived)
# ye
good luck
Im 30 and Ive never voted.
If I was a kid now I'd be even less likley to vote.
I almost feel your pain,almost.
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:52, archived)
# Make a list of visuals
that you connect with voting.
Politicians, ballot boxes, whatever.
Draw really hasty little sketches of them all.
Something will probably shake loose.
If it doesn't, start drawing things that
represent 'youth' or 'power'.

Also, look at what others have already done (MTV's Rock the Vote, fr'instance).
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:55, archived)
# how about
Danger, Danger! High votage!!

/exit stage left
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 19:57, archived)
# do an animation of a power station run by voles
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 20:01, archived)