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# From the inbox.
Dave Gorman writes -


you know how many moons ago, I did an interview with you. I did explain
at the time that I am not and was not on a mission to meet every Dave
Gorman in the world. Every episode of the TV series and the book
explained that I was trying to find, meet and photograph 54.

I met number 54 years ago. Before the story even became a TV series.

Every day I get e-mails from people telling me about other Dave
Gormans. Hundreds of them arrive every week. Some of them come
because they see your site when my interview rolls round to the
front of the queue where it says I'm a comedian on a quest to
meet all of my namesakes.

Like I say, I'm not and I never was.

Is there any chance of changing the wording. It would probably save me
from a few pointless e-mails a week.




B3ta writes -

I've changed the link copy to the past tense and I've put a note at the
bottom of the interview.

How's that?


Dave writes -

I can't see the text, but I'm sure that's dandy.

The thing is, it isn't even true in the past tense. I was never trying to
meet *all* my namesakes. Just 54. I did it and then I stopped. Then it
became a TV series, then all hell broke loose. I've never claimed to be
looking for them all, that misconception has arisen with absolutely no help
from me...

I even got a couple of e-mails from people telling me that a Dave Gorman was
in the movie 24 Hour People and even one, seemingly irony free mail from
someone telling me that a Dave Gorman was doing a series on BBC2 about
astrology, both of which were me.

I doubt it will ever end, but any help at reducing the madness is greatly




B3ta writes -

You've become a sort of urban myth, haven't you? Like that little boy who
had cancer and wanted people to send him postcards.

I guess you could always change your name.

.. Dunno why you can't see the changes. Maybe if you hit refresh a few



Dave Gorman writes -

For my urban-myth status, check out the 'help' section of yournotme.com

The site has prompted over 500 e-mails to me from people telling me that
there are either A) 146 David Gormans or B) 0 Dave Gormans as well as around
100 telling me that I'm mentioned in the help section.

Heigh ho.


(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:40, archived)
# Man, he must really be annoyed by them...
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:41, archived)
# yay for dave gorman
he's great.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:41, archived)
# Well now
I think it's woosome that he gets mails 'cause of B3ta, and also nice that he's emailed you about it in what's a mostly polite letter... minor undertone of "FFS" but that's understandable ;)
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:41, archived)
# that
is the nicest way I have ever seen anyone ask to have something incorect sorted out, especialy seen as he gets alot of hastle.

go sort it out now. be nice!
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:41, archived)
# Change it to...
"I am looking out for as much free porn as is humanly possible". That should keep him happy.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:42, archived)
# Email him back telling him that your stars said:
You will be asked to change, but don't.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:42, archived)
# Dave's a nice bloke
I wonder if he made any more bets based on his horoscopes. That seemed to work quite well.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:42, archived)
# I've never met THE Dave Gorman
but I was at college with a Dave Gorman who himself was met the THE Dave Gorman (in a semi-fractal kind of way!)
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 19:30, archived)
# Lovely,
oh and I believe I walked right past you without saying hello on Friday night, sorry about that, but Pep was keen to take me outside...what can I say.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:42, archived)
# sorry I didn't chat too
next time.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:46, archived)
# April it is.
And I won't persuaded by good lookinmg females to go outside with them.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:48, archived)
# were you in
Horsham park on sunday afternoon?

If it wasn't you I think I spent 10 minutes staring at a completely random person... oops
Edit: If it was you, sorry for staring but saying helo would have involved standing up
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:48, archived)
# I'm afraid
you did indeed spend ten minutes staring at a random person.
I was at home all day, I expect your photo will be in the Horsham paper.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:52, archived)
# that's ok.
I spent some time earlier in the day discussing whether another couple were lesbians or not and one of them turned out to be a bloke.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 19:06, archived)
# pfffffffft

my internet has suddenly gone very fast. i am shocked. but pleasantly.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 19:11, archived)
# suddenly,
everyones awake!
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:43, archived)
# Indeed,
I like it when people appear.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:44, archived)
# i've just got in
from work, I was here most of the day too.
what a sad life
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:45, archived)
* I Am Not Dave Gorman

though I could be for a small fee...
(, Mon 17 Mar 2003, 18:45, archived)
# hmmn
What' ya talking bout Daaaaaaaaaaveeee.........
(, Fri 21 Mar 2003, 21:00, archived)
# It must be truly annoying
Can you imagine having the same name?
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 16:25, archived)