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This is a normal post Cor, fantastic

(, Sat 19 Jun 2021, 9:23, Reply)
This is a normal post Way cool
Amazing skills
(, Sat 19 Jun 2021, 9:40, Reply)
This is a normal post Amazing.
Then we end up with bang-bang-wollop shite like Transformers.
(, Sat 19 Jun 2021, 10:18, Reply)
This is a normal post that's really good
not Transformers good, but still quite well done nevertheless
(, Sat 19 Jun 2021, 13:05, Reply)
This is a normal post Maybe there is a Transformer one too?

(, Sat 19 Jun 2021, 15:51, Reply)
This is a normal post
Simply tip over a container of paper clips for an exciting Transformers action scene on your desk.
(, Sat 19 Jun 2021, 21:22, Reply)
This is a normal post Amazingly talented folk out there

(, Sat 19 Jun 2021, 23:11, Reply)
This is a normal post really incredible stuff
bit of a shame that it seems to be such a male-dominated interest
(, Sun 20 Jun 2021, 2:29, Reply)
This is a normal post I sort of understand that viewpoint
But at the same time, provided an imbalance isn’t due to bullying or prejudice, surely other people’s activities shouldn’t control a person’s choices in what they do simply due to a shared, but ultimately irrelevant, characteristic.
(, Sun 20 Jun 2021, 18:39, Reply)
This is a normal post Men and Women
subtly trend towards liking different things. Even a small difference in preferences or skill can make a huge difference once you are selecting for the top 1-2%, essentially eliminating one group or the other.

Assuming a standard bell curve, even a difference of just 1-2% in ability (or people with the greatest ability choosing a different career) means that at the top 1% there can be a 100-1 difference or more in the numbers of each group.

In combination with The Norwegian Paradox, this explains the massive difference in the numbers of men and women getting to the top of fields such as this, without it being the fault of 'The Patriarchy'.

Women, for example, are more likely than men to choose public sector careers. This contributes to the pay gap (public sector jobs tend to pay less) and limits the pool of female talent available for top private sector roles.

Last year, researchers in the US and UK found that countries with an existing culture of gender equality have a smaller proportion of women taking degrees in science, technology and mathematics (STEM).

When given the total freedom to choose the career they prefer, women trend away from technical careers.

How to have equality then? Do you allow people to choose the career they prefer, or do you force them into one they do not want to do to enforce gender equality across all jobs?

There will be a lot of unhappy Binwomen if you do...
(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 11:00, Reply)
This is a normal post ironically mansplainy and quite unnecessary
but cheers
(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 13:00, Reply)
This is a normal post You need to stop hanging around incel MRAs.

(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 14:08, Reply)
This is a normal post I don't
I do my own research and avoid being indoctrinated by either viewpoint.

Unfortunately, these days, a neutral objective viewpoint that ascertains real reasons for social imbalances is seen negatively.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2021, 12:13, Reply)
This is a normal post nice try
but putting 'the patriarchy' in quotes sort of kicks you off the fence, m8
(, Wed 23 Jun 2021, 12:27, Reply)
This is a normal post So 5 artists won some prizes the guy blagged from graphics companies and 2395 artists got fuck all for all their time and hard work other than "exposure"?
Arsehole, making money off other people and maintaining the belief that animation and art doesn't need paying for.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 7:30, Reply)
This is a normal post isn't that how most competitions work?

(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 10:22, Reply)
This is a normal post it's a con pretending to be a competition
A Youtube person getting free content and hits from hundreds of thousands of hours of unpaid work.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 11:49, Reply)
This is a normal post no-one gets paid in any competition
Unless he didnt dole out the prizes to the winners or misrepresented the terms and conditions to the entrants I cant see how it could be a con.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 12:20, Reply)
This is a normal post ffs sad toast, pull your head in
the submissions are all on the record and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. congrats to the winners, right? lovely stuff.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2021, 12:34, Reply)