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This is a link post Don't Be a Dick I made this!
I just made this video for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Richard Branson is a member of the Ocean Elders conservation group while his company Virgin sells package trips to Sea World so they asked me to make a video to point out the hypocrisy & hopefully help out some whales stuck in a tub. There's a petition here as well to support their efforts.
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 15:48, Reply)
This is a normal post seaworld dont take
any whales out the wild and havent done for 35 years.
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 16:18, Reply)
This is a normal post They don't?
First Uganda now this?

*Cancels second trip*
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 16:19, Reply)
This is a normal post yeah they keep breeding the same ones over and over
probably making some great captive whale porn while they do it.
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 16:24, Reply)
This is a normal post They do?
*Re-books trip*
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 16:31, Reply)
This is a normal post Starring Prawn Jeremy

(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 23:52, Reply)
This is a normal post well that makes things a little akward

(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 16:28, Reply)
This is a normal post Sea World orca kiddy fiddling
From www.seaworldofhurt.com -"In nature, orcas choose their own mates. But at SeaWorld, orcas are forced to breed on a regular basis. Male orcas are trained to float on their backs, and their trainers masturbate them to collect their sperm. Females are artificially inseminated and forced to breed at a much younger age than they would in nature. Katina was forced to breed when she was only 9 years old (at least five years earlier than she would have naturally bred in the wild). Now she is used as a virtual breeding machine and is even being inbred with her own sons"
(, Sun 2 Mar 2014, 9:15, Reply)
This is a normal post Nicely done.
I watched Blackfish the other day.

I also read Sea World's response for balance, but they avoid 90% of the points raised in favour of PR fluff. They do seem like cunts.
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 16:55, Reply)
This is a normal post thanks!
Yeah making fish dance digitally is good enough for me.
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 17:09, Reply)
This is a normal post I watched
Blackfish earlier this week on Virgin Atlantic en route to Orlando. Never mind Orcas, someone should persuade Branson to stop penning normal people in the same fucking aeroplane as a load of noisy snot-nosed shit machines that all need a bloody good hiding (along with their parents, who seem incapable of keeping them under control).
(, Thu 6 Mar 2014, 1:43, Reply)
This is a normal post Thank-you
(, Tue 25 Feb 2014, 22:28, Reply)
This is a normal post Well this is definitely the right place to post
b3ta has a lot of influence with Virgin, ever since their seminal collaboration in 2006 paved the way, showing how multinationals should engage with the internet generation:

(, Fri 28 Feb 2014, 0:06, Reply)