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This is a question Stories of unsurpassed brilliance

This "Week" The suggestion comes from Kroney who muses

"Whilst I was passing through Miami airport at the tender age of 21, I fancied a beer. "ID" said the charming Southerner behind the desk, so I got out my passport and showed it to her.

"You have to be 21," she said. Now this confused me slightly as I had been 21 for several months by this point and my date of birth was staring her in my face.

"I am 21," I replied helpfully "it says so there, look"

"You have to be 21", she said getting angry.

Cut a long story short, I argued, the manager came out, I argued with him before I finally realised that they weren't looking at the date of birth at all. They were looking at the date of *issue*

That would have made me an annoyingly precocious four year old. What examples of unsurpassed mental genius have you experienced?"""""""

(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 9:24)
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I was in the Chinese takeaway, ordering my usual chicken chow mein, when I realised I didn't have enough cash on my and would have to go to the cash machine.

'Ah, sorry - could you cook it for me and I'll be back in a minute with the money?'

'No, sorry, you have to pay for your food up front.'

'Oh. But you take telephone orders for people to order, and then come in and pick up and pay for don't you?'

I think she'll realise she's being daft. She looks at me blankly.

'Yes. So what?'

'Well... what's the difference between me phoning and order in and paying for it when I pick it up, to me running down the road to the cash point and paying when I come back?'

'But...your not on the phone.'

I pull out my phone.
'Shall I ring you and place my order then?'

'Yes please.'

'ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?' I'm laughing, thinking she's messing about.

Nope. So I actually rang up the chinese takeaway I was standing in to place my order. She answered the phone. I placed my order. I went to the cash machine. I came back. I paid.

I got my chicken chow mein.
(, Fri 25 Nov 2016, 17:09, 6 replies)
Stupid roundeyes will do whatever they're told.

(, Fri 25 Nov 2016, 18:49, closed)
I had a very similar experience when making a doctors appointment.
I used to walk right by my doctors on the way to work and I needed a doctors appintment, it just happened that I was walking past the doctors at about 8:25 when I know the doctors lines open at 8:30 to book appoiments and I know they open the doors at that time.

So I wait until 8:30, the door unlocks, I go in to book an appintment and I get told that I can't because I have to call. So I take my phone out and say seriously? She then goes on to tell me that that's just the process.

So I stand about 2 feet away from her looking her directly in the eye while I make my doctors appintment with her...over the phone.
(, Fri 25 Nov 2016, 22:16, closed)
I've had exactly the same experience at my Doctor's Surgery

(, Mon 28 Nov 2016, 12:30, closed)
Same here.
Although I did walkout and called from outside. I think it must be about call logging (they record calls also) and keeping the phone engaged. Still dumb.
(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 11:17, closed)
Mine too
The great thing about calling them up at 8am on the dot is where I live. I have to go outside to get a usually shit signal (+hypothermia), so I get past the queue about 1 in 3 times.
(, Sun 25 Dec 2016, 2:14, closed)
that way the phone is engaged.
and not not answered.
(, Tue 29 Nov 2016, 14:24, closed)

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