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This is a question Bad gigs

Been to see some talentless gits on stage recently? Had your enjoyment spoiled by a twat with an iPad filming the whole thing? Been bottled off? Tell us all

(, Thu 25 Jul 2013, 14:00)
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Aussie Floyd... just a few short months ago
Might have been March this year? I've tried to forget it to be honest.

I was never a Pink Floyd fan or listened to Dark Side of the Moon *awaits flaming and the usual 'best album ever' comments by the people who pretend to like them* but my mate had 2 tickets, said he'd seen them last year at a mini festival and they were great. Always up for something free, don't get out much in my advancing years.

2 pints outside Newcastle City Hall and a smoke too for old times sake.

If anyone on here reads this and was at that gig - It was me snoring 25mins in, right hand side, half way towards the front - isle seat. I fell asleep. It was horrendous. Some tramp on stage playing keyboards in a cowboy hat, no-one in the audience seemed interested, all sat down in cramped, seats with zero atmosphere as they rambled thru self indulgent track after another. It was torture. And then, an massive inflatable mouse appeared at the end - possibly Kangaroo being Aussie's - for no reason.

Maybe i'm not a floyd fan. or a sitting down for gigs fan. Either way, it sucked hard - and i saw the Pet Shop Boys do the alternative soundtrack for Battleship Potemkin at Swan Hunters Yard.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 17:47, 17 replies)
Pink Floyd should be illegal.
Tribute acts should be illegal.
Sitting down gigs should be illegal unless you're in a proper concert hall.

I should be king.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 18:04, closed)

Pink Floyd are like Brussel’s Sprout’s. Nobody actually likes them, they just say they do because they think it makes them look unusual and interesting.

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 18:10, closed)
i like pink floyd.

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 18:25, closed)
so do i

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 18:38, closed)
So do I

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 21:35, closed)
I like sprouts.

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 18:48, closed)
I like Pink Floyd & Sprouts
From the Syd Barrett early days through to the Final Cut but not the later Floyd though that's shit

Meddle is a work of genius. 'Dark side' on headphones really bloody loud.... epic

Sprouts with bacon and white wine butter shed loads of black pepper...epic
(, Tue 30 Jul 2013, 9:10, closed)
You should be king.
They shot him lols.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 22:36, closed)
All gigs should at least have one area for those of us who want to sit down.
When I saw Steven Segal in St Albans, I had a balcony seat, and so was free to sit or stand as I saw fit, with no impediment to my view of the proceedings. Best gig ever, so far as I'm concerned.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 23:29, closed)
Get a wheelchair, Granddad.

(, Tue 30 Jul 2013, 9:23, closed)

(, Tue 30 Jul 2013, 10:04, closed)
"and i saw the Pet Shop Boys do the alternative soundtrack for Battleship Potemkin "
I read that in the voice of a "YOU WEREN'T THERE MAN!" Vietnam vet.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 18:07, closed)
It sounded a bit to me like:
The blade-runner ending soliloquy.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 20:37, closed)
".... like Tennant in the rain. Time to die"

(, Tue 30 Jul 2013, 13:16, closed)
".... like drinking Tennents in the rain. Time to die"

(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 11:05, closed)
only a teaspoonful?

(, Thu 1 Aug 2013, 16:19, closed)
I am a Pet Shop Boys fan
and i didn't bother with Battleship Potemkin
(, Thu 1 Aug 2013, 16:19, closed)

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