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This is a question Bodge Jobs

If you can't fix it with a hammer and a roll of duck tape, it's not worth fixing at all, my old mate said minutes before that nasty business with the hammer and a roll of duck tape. Tell us of McGyver-like repairs and whether they were a brilliant success or a health and safety nightmare.

(, Thu 10 Mar 2011, 11:58)
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Red nose and red face.
It was 1988, and the first Red Nose Day was upon us. I was at primary school at the time, and all my friends had red noses. I, though, didn't. This was because my parents refused to give me the money to buy one - I don't think that they'd quite understood what Red Nose Day was all about - and I had neither the cash nor the opportunity to buy my own.

I felt like I was the only kid in school not participating in this momentous event. In truth, I was not the only one - but this was mainly because my younger brother also lacked a prosthetic proboscis.

But things got worse: I was supposed to be going out that evening with some friends, most of whom were not at my school. Not only would I be the only person in class without a red nose: I would also be the only person in my entire social circle without one.

Something had to be done. I adverted to the one guaranteed weapon in the child's armoury: pester-power. And it worked. My mother relented, and provided me with a red nose.

I had won. Curse the gods, I had won.

My victory wasn't supposed to be like this.

The red nose with which my mother provided me was a ping-pong ball, coloured with red marker, attached with elastic.
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 14:01, 5 replies)
that is a win

(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 14:12, closed)
I liked this
I had a mate who had a similar sort of thing with Farah trousers, his mum couldn't/wouldn't buy them, so she used to cut the labels off genuine garments and sew it on to a pair of back to school specials.
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 14:22, closed)
A ping pong ball!! You lucky sod.
We got part of an egg box painted with poster paints.
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 14:45, closed)
I used my first red nose day nose...
... as a bonsai hanging basket.

Top bodge!
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 15:00, closed)
Think yourself lucky.
I pestered my mother for one and I got a clog in the face -- a purply-blue and painful nose isn't quite the same.
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 20:56, closed)

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