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This is a question Celebrities part II

Five years ago, we asked if you've ever been rude to a celebrity, or have been on the receiving end of a Z-List TV chef's wrath. By popular demand, it's back - if you have beans, spill them.

(, Thu 8 Oct 2009, 13:33)
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Stephen Hendry
Many years ago I was a barman at a large hotel in Blackpool. There was a big snooker comp on at a hotel up the road and lots of the players were staying at the hotel I worked at.

Around midnight, Hendry and 2 other players who I vaguely recognised came to the bar and one of the other 2 asked for 3 pints of whatever. As it was after hours, we were only serving residents so I asked them if they were residents in the hotel, the guy says Yes, I ask him for his keycard as proof, and after a bit of argy-bargy it turns out he's not staying at THIS hotel, but in another one up the road.

I politely inform him that he'll have to go up there to get a drink.

"But their bar shuts at Midnight"

I tell him I can't help him and he gets a right arse on. Tells me what an important player he is in the snooker competition that is filling the coffers of the hotel with off-season revenue & I bloody better had serve him.


At this point, Hendry swaggers to the fore and SLAPS his keycard on the counter - "I am staying at this hotel, I'll get the drinks"

I swear, I'd waited my whole life for a moment like this.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to serve you"

Hendry, incredulous "But I'm staying here, you have to serve me"

"I'm afraid not. You see, I was watching the snooker last night, and just before you potted the last black that got you through to the next round, David Vine mentioned that it's your 18th birthday next month, which makes you under age"

Loved it then. Love it now.
(, Fri 9 Oct 2009, 6:35, 8 replies)
This is superb
(, Fri 9 Oct 2009, 9:02, closed)
(, Fri 9 Oct 2009, 9:46, closed)
That is a magnificent tale
and deserves to win.
(, Fri 9 Oct 2009, 11:54, closed)

(, Fri 9 Oct 2009, 13:50, closed)
I'm not a violent man by any means
but whenever I see Hendry on the TV I want to punch him hard in the face. And then do it again. And again...

(, Fri 9 Oct 2009, 14:03, closed)
Like this
(, Fri 9 Oct 2009, 14:07, closed)
Was this at the Pembroke
by any chance? I remember him staying there, when I worked there!
(, Sun 11 Oct 2009, 1:25, closed)
It was...
...indeed. And you would be? - Communicate via the secret b3ta email system
(, Sun 11 Oct 2009, 2:02, closed)

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