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This is a question Complaining

I like writing letters of complaint to companies containing the words "premier league muppetry", if only to give the poor office workers a good laugh on an otherwise dull day. Have you ever complained? Did it work?

(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 13:16)
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Southern Electric Gas Bill
Your Bill is based on ACTUAL readings, pay us £98

Fuck off I don't even have Gas in my house.
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 13:23, 8 replies)
They did that to me
when they didn't supply my gas. They also sent me an electricity bill when at the time the house had a key meter.

Also, what with me living in Scotland at the time, their poncy "southern" electricity and gas didn't even work in the winter.
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 14:34, closed)
pedant lols
no gas in your house? is your house a vacuum and airtight?
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 14:38, closed)
Top pedant stuff.

(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 15:07, closed)
Not sure this works, but what the hell...
"I doubt it - 'Hater abhorrs a vacuum!"

No, didn't think so.
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 15:27, closed)
I moved to a house with no gas when still owing a few quid on my bill
and enjoyed the bloke coming round to cut the gas off when I didn't pay up!
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 17:06, closed)

(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 17:58, closed)
did the same to me. Fully electric flat, no gas connection. They kept billing me for £54.60 every three months threatening to cut me off. I wrote to their head of customer service telling him to please cut me off so that I don't get their bloody letters any more and they should really check their records better.
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 17:18, closed)
I had similar with Southern Electric.
They kept trying to tell me i owed them £4500 for 2 months supply when actually it was £35. They billed me four times saying an engineer has physically seem the meter. Being a works property, I told them it was physically impossible as the meter was only unlocked once a fortnight when I visited the site to make checks inc the leccy meter. Each time I called they accepted that I owned the only key to the place and that the meter man could not get access and they would amend my bill, then sent me another for even more £££.

They finally got the message after a year or so...
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 23:25, closed)

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