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This is a question The B3TA Confessional

With the Pope about to visit the UK, what better time to unburden yourself of anything that's weighing on your mind by posting it on the internet? Pay particular attention to the Seven Deadly Sins of lust, greed, envy, pride, posting puns on the QOTW board and the other ones. Top story gets to kneel before His Holiness's noodly appendage, or something

(, Thu 26 Aug 2010, 12:47)
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Things i shot as a teenager
with my air rifle

lots of baby rabbits
pheasant (it didn't die)
four male pullets (teenage chickens) point blank in the head to be sure

The trick with the fish is to get them as they surface to eat the breadcrumbs you scatter on the surface of the river. Airgun pellets lose power and accuracy very soon in water, so they have to be a few centimetres from the surface.

I'm not proud.

Oh yes, and;
Sellotape a frog to a rocket and set it off
Light a banger and stick it in a jam jar full of tadpoles

Not proud of those either.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 14:24, 21 replies)
What about
cats in a wheelie-bin

You might want to delete this post to avoid being done by the RSPCA
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 14:32, closed)
I'm a little unsure about the banger in a jar of tadpoles.

Seems that the bangers performance might be somewhat compromised.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 14:47, closed)
not true
Bangers stay lit under water. And as for the performance issue, didnt you ever watch Dambusters?
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 14:50, closed)
I opened my wheelie bin yesterday, and a wasp flew out of it.

What sick fucker would put a wasp in a wheelie bin?
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 14:59, closed)
That made me LOL

(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:54, closed)

(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 19:00, closed)
That they do
Also we used to have these pretty good long bangers where the fuse bit would still stick out of your average jam jar if stuck on end.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:19, closed)
Nick Cave
wrote a book about you.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 14:51, closed)
Pray tell?

(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:18, closed)
and the ass
saw the angel
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:27, closed)
I did rather like Frank from The Wasp Factory
However, this does make it all seem a bit sordid and unusual. In truth, most of the local lads in my village used to shoot just about anything that wasn't human, livestock or a pet. It was pretty much the accepted form of male tweenage entertainment.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:35, closed)
That book was odd
A friend gave it to me. I didnt see the end coming at all.
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 5:38, closed)
He didn't catch them
In traps and then make them fight.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:35, closed)
where did you find the coypu?

(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 14:57, closed)
We had a river running through the bottom of our garden (i was a bumpkin, not a posho).
It was actually the river Deben where it gets really narrow and stream-like out in the sticks.

There was a coypu den in the opposite bank about 100m down from where our garden led onto the river. We had a little dinghy.

Again, it didn't die. I think those are the ones i feel most guilty about.


Actually looking at Wiki, it seems Coypus are from South America. It must have been a large water rat. Ah well, it was a coypu to my fragile eggshell teenage mind.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:18, closed)
could have been a coypu
they were once brought over here for their fur. Inevitably some escaped/were released.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:29, closed)
Well it did look exactly like the one in the Wiki pic
Tall unusual shaped head. Then again it was a long time ago and could have been a water rat.
(, Wed 1 Sep 2010, 15:33, closed)
Coypu can be found in the Norfolk area.

(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 9:31, closed)
In his coypants.

(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 0:58, closed)
Ba-dum tish!

(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 12:42, closed)
you Sid from Toy Story?
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 8:00, closed)

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