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This is a question The B3ta Cookbook

We're bored of beans on toast. Pretend you're on Pinterest and share your cooking tips and recipes. Can't cook? Don't let that stop you telling us about the disastrous shit you've made.

(, Thu 28 Jun 2012, 21:56)
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easy chicken kebab. best effort to tasty ratio so far discovered.
chop up chicken breast and bowlify it. olive oil. lots. lemon juice. lots. garlic. some. paprika. little. salt. pepper. marinade as long as you can be arsed to. fry until awesome. stick in warm pittas with houmous and chopped cherry tomatoes. eat.
(, Wed 4 Jul 2012, 18:24, 1 reply)
I tend to go for chilli, lime, garlic, ginger, pepper, soy sauce and a little oil (to make up the difference)
Stick it on the BBQ on metal skewers, when cooked transfer to pitta bread.

Although your method does sound rather good, might have to give it a go at some point...
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 8:42, closed)

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