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This is a question Crap Gadgets

We wanted a monkey butler and bought one off eBay. Imagine our surprise when we found it was just an ordinary monkey with rabies. Worse: It had no butler training at all. Tell us about your duff technology purchases.

Thanks to Moonbadger for the suggestion

(, Thu 29 Sep 2011, 12:51)
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Sony Ericsson accessories
Specifically the bits for my T68i I bought for an ass load of cash about a decade ago. It had no built in camera, MP3 player or radio, unlike todays smart phones. You could however purchase the afore mentioned gizmos in the form of fairly bulky clip on accessories. So I had to choose which bits to take with me for the day, lest I be burdened with the whole dam lot of them. Especially useless was the MP3 widget, which used SD cards, which at the time cost about as much as the phone itself for one with a reasonable capacity. The bundled card was a hefty 32Mb, which meant I could squeeze an impressive dozen songs on it at best, after hearing the same 12 songs repeated about 6 or 7 times during a shift at work, it was quickly tossed into a drawer somewhere, where I believe it still resides today. I now have a smug twat-esque smart phone, with a reasonable 8Gb of storage, enough for about 5 days of non stop musical joy, so could listen music all day every day at work for about two weeks without ever hearing a song twice (shuffle off of course) and how often do I use this "wonder of modern technology" to while away the hours of boredom at work? Correct, never....

At least I never bought the bluetooth controlled mini RC car, although I was tempted.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 15:33, 5 replies)

I too bought into the first Sony Ericsson phones (after Sony revamped the company). My accessory was a crappy clip on camera. 0.001 megapixel or some shit. Cost $50 with the phone new, with a $50 mail in rebate that I never used. Took one picture with it, realised the resolution was so bad you could not actually see what the picture was of, then never used it again.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 19:10, closed)

I had the camera attachment, think it was an impressive 640x480 resolution, and needed mid day equatorial sun to take a picture. Plus the fact that it used the phones internal memory, which held about 3 pictures.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 19:34, closed)
their PC Suite for connecting your mobile via USB is a crock o' shite. Nine times out of ten it won't recognise the phone at all.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 21:08, closed)

I remember the software to update the firmware was hugely hit and miss, you had to do some stupid thing like plug it in, take out the battery, unplug it, put the battery back in, plug it in, unplug it, take out the battery, plug it in with the battery out, put the battery in, unplug it whilst holding down the back button, keep holding the button, take out the battery, put the battery back in, then plug it back in, release the button, then you'd get an error message saying it couldn't find the flash drive to do the update. Then even if you did update, the firmware was less stable than nitro glycerine in the possession of Michael J Fox.
(, Mon 3 Oct 2011, 17:34, closed)
The Bluetooth car was fun
You needed a lot of space and practise to drive it though.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 21:41, closed)

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