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This is a question Fairgrounds, theme parks, circuses and carnivals

Tell us about the time the fairground came to town and you were sick in a hedge; or when you went to a theme park or circus and were sick in a hedge

Suggested by mariam67

(, Thu 9 Jun 2011, 11:37)
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Once went to a fair..
..as I walked by the clairvoyant's tent I noticed a sign saying "Please ring for an appointment..."
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:05, closed)
Around when I live
Some tosser clairvoyant keeps putting adverts on my car windscreen. They must be shit as well cause I would NEVER go to see one. Surely they should know this already.
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:20, closed)
Clairvoyants know this...
They're just all wankers.
(, Sat 11 Jun 2011, 16:46, closed)
That's not fair...
..., oh...
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:24, closed)
She was out the back eating some airline food.

(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:32, closed)
So what?
Even if the clairvoyant knows the client is coming, appointments are still needed to ensure that multiple clients do not arrive simultaneously.
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:39, closed)
But Shirley they'll know whether or not the clients are going to show up simultaneously or not?

(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:46, closed)
The customers won't though.
Unless we're all clairvoyant ...

But then ... you knew I was going to say that. And I knew you knew I was gong to say that.
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:48, closed)
I once raped a clairvoyant
Walked straight into her tent and stuffed my nudger right in there. Obviously went to court, but she knew I was coming and knew I was going to rape her so it was ruled as consensual and I got off scott free.
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:54, closed)
you "walked in to her tent"
Is that a euphemism?
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 11:08, closed)
Classic B3ta!
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 11:59, closed)
No but the clairvoyant will know it, so should put up a sign saying
"Just wait here for your turn."

Alternatively, they could write up their futures and leave them outside for them to collect (payment in advance, natch, and I know whether or not you're good for it if you write me a cheque.)
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 10:55, closed)
And why is she working in a fucking tent when she could have won the lottery and cashed in on the property boom?

(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 11:20, closed)

(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 11:23, closed)
She has a very impressive portfolio actually
But it is a lifestyle choice and she likes to save her money. Plus, if a clairvoyant was walking around obviously in possession of billions of pounds, she would draw a little attention non?

I think it is fair to say we could take this quite far...
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 11:33, closed)
But how far would we need to take it before you accidentally said something amusing or worthwhile?

(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 12:06, closed)
Not sure
Can I accidentally post a picture of your face?
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 12:11, closed)
If that's as close as you're going to get to amusing or worthwhile then you might as well.

(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 12:15, closed)

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