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This is a question Fancy Dress Failures Pt 2

Janet Aylia asks, "Did you go all-out only to find you'd fallen for the age-old 'you're the only one who dressed up' gag? Did you wrap yourself in cotton wool and ketchup and offend the local vicar by dressing as a tampon?"

(, Thu 31 Oct 2013, 20:19)
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I once tuned up at a party bollock naked apart from a trifle concealing my knob.
Girlfriend at the time was wearing a tortoise carapace on her back.
Knocked on the door.
Bloke at the door said 'what have you come as?'
I said 'I've come as quick as I could, I've just knocked off the late shift'.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 21:46, Reply)
I went to a fancy dress party once.
Turned up bollock naked apart from a piece of sandpaper sellotaped to my cock. Imagine my embarrassment when I discovered that I was 30 years out of date and nobody had even heard of Dick Emery.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 20:31, 5 replies)
When my band got a low-budget music video made we all had to wear fancy dress for it.
Looking back on it now, running about in pointy hats and breathing fire was pretty fucking stupid.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 18:48, 4 replies)
I'm a singer in a band, but I don't think the audience get the full experience of our songs
unless I paint a black stripe across my face, covering my eyes and nose.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 15:34, 3 replies)
In 1986 a guy I was working with was invited to
a party at the section house where one of his girlfriends friends was training to be a policeman.

The theme was bad taste.

He decided it would be appropriate to go dressed as Keith Blakelock.

I think there was a certain amount of sympathy for the fact he had absolutely nailed the *spirit* of the dress requirement, but he was asked to get changed, as it was pretty certain if any of the regular coppers that shared the living space with them found out what he was doing they would beat him to a bloody pulp.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 13:12, 18 replies)
I'm just glad it wasn't me
who had this happen.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 12:44, 2 replies)
Faith was the queen of the school as far as I was concerned.
I knew she had a penchant for France and all things French, so come the school disco, I decided to dress as the stereotype Frenchman - striped jumper, onions, beret &c. I really went to town on it - I managed to get an old sit-up-and-beg bicycle, and even grew one of those awful teenage moustaches (Which as an aside, I thought was rather dashing). I learnt a few stock phrases, and come the day, was able to approach her, wheeling my bike, smoking a Gauloise, and say with excellent enunciation, "Voiulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?"

Yes indeed, scumbags - that was my Fancy Dress Fay Lure Par Tout.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:40, 12 replies)
I donned my urban jungle camouflage
and hid at the bottom of the garden to track down the fox digging holes under my fence. Then it started pouring with rain and the water ran down off the sloping roof and guttering of the adjacent structures.

Long story short, my shed pissed on me.
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:39, Reply)
I dress my scurrilous rumours up in careful terms to avoid the attention of lawyers.

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:36, 1 reply)
I stand on street corners belting out "We Are Family".

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:34, Reply)

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:34, 1 reply)
So I put some smoked fish in my pants, eggs in my ears, and spiced rice on my head.

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:33, 2 replies)
I lost my love of life so went out dressed as an apple pie.

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:32, 2 replies)
I once went out wearing sprigs of buxus sempervirens.

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:30, 2 replies)
I dressed up as a shed once.
dressed up as went into
(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:29, Reply)
I sometimes dress up as Red Leader Antilles.

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 10:28, 2 replies)
I often go out dressed as guitarist david evans.

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 9:43, 1 reply)
My son once nearly attended a christening in khaki trousers.

(, Tue 5 Nov 2013, 7:06, 7 replies)
To be
utterly madcap and zany, I went to the party IN A DRESS!

How radical and insane is that?
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 20:03, 6 replies)
before lady Gaga EVA thought it there was a Carry On theme party
Someone went as Brandon Lee from the Crow
Someone went as a Gladiator - Russell Crowe
I went with a coat stitched with meat, kitten pelts and children's skulls - that's right I had no idea it was a fancy dress.

True story, apart from the skulls and pelts.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 17:47, Reply)
We once persuaded an autistic colleague that he needed to wear a disguise
so that some other colleagues wouldn't recognise him. So he walked into a fairly rough Birmingham pub wearing his usual anorak and satchel plus an old Santa beard we'd found in the gutter outside.

Then we sang some Elvis and he cried. Brilliant.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 16:48, Reply)
Also if you go as an ill thought out mummy
using toilet paper prepare, when the inevitable fail occurs, to change that to a premature ejaculation disguise .Yeah I come in me pants. Badum tish
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 16:01, Reply)
You probably had to be there for this one...
Early eighties and 15 or so of us had an acid party planned. Massive drugs were ingested. Unbeknownst to all but the cruel instigator, one of us who we shall call Alex, had told two females to come to a big fancy dress party. Two women dressed as witches (full on green face and hook nose, not the "sexy witch" rental outfit) walking in to a room full of people peaking on exciting hallucinogens had spectacular consequences
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 15:54, 3 replies)
Every weekday I put on a suit and pretend to be a person who doesn't mind sitting in an office all day.
Does that count?
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 13:40, 7 replies)
Where to wear a name tag
There is some debate as to which side of the lapel name tags should be worn. Most people[who?] who are knowledgeable in such areas will proclaim the right side to be the only correct side.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 12:30, 15 replies)
Lost for ideas for an upcoming bash?
Shave your head and paint it bright pink, wear a full-length coat with fur trim and claim you thought the invitation said "Fanny Dress".
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 12:20, 1 reply)
Spacehopper man
I spent an entertaining Glastonbury festival dressed as a spacehopper. Overall, the costume was a great success, but of all the people who decided that jumping on me for a bounce was a fun idea, not a single one of them was female.

So costume: success; lechery plan: fail.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 11:45, Reply)

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