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This is a question Fancy Dress Failures Pt 2

Janet Aylia asks, "Did you go all-out only to find you'd fallen for the age-old 'you're the only one who dressed up' gag? Did you wrap yourself in cotton wool and ketchup and offend the local vicar by dressing as a tampon?"

(, Thu 31 Oct 2013, 20:19)
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Another time in Kenya...
At about six years old, one of my friends had a birthday party - we were going to the lake, fishing. However, not deterred by the mud and stink of dead fish that one would obviously encounter on such an outing - my mum made me wear my party best: a smart, new, ironed shirt, tidily tucked into my maroon corduroy trousers.
Fancy, no? (This was the late 70's remember)
However - the fishing party was cut short when we saw a storm approaching.
One of the other lads didn't have a fishing rod, so had borrowed mine. I hadn't had a chance to use it yet, and we were going home because of the weather!
Well - he had caught five or six fish with my rod, so I suggested we share them.
He said they were his, as he had caught them.
I agreed, but explained that it was my rod he had used, I had not had a go fishing, and as such, should be allowed to claim some of the fish as mine.
But he refused to back down, saying that even though he agreed it was my rod, he had caught the fish . . . hence . . .

Then a bloody huge ugly Marabou Stork landed next to us and ate all the fish he had caught.

It was almost worth ruining my corduroy trousers over.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 10:38, Reply)
Fancy Dress success!
Earlier this year I was part of a Stag party in Manchester which required us all to go in fancy dress. I was eager to avoid the stereotypical Elvis outfit etc but also didn't want to end up looking "a bit odd". Luckily my comrades wouldn't let me down on that front and we had a "mad hatter" Johnny Depp style, a Derek Zoolander, Mario, Elvis, Wheres wally etc.

I seem to have unearthed fancy dress gold when I went as "Woody" from Toy Story.

While my comrades spent the evening getting odd looks I had an endless parade of lovely ladies all screaming "Oh my god its woody!!!" before demanding a photo with them.

Turns out if you want to be the centre of fancy dress attention, forget clever quirky or even most authentic, simply appeal to the lowest common denominator - a disney cartoon character.

Plus the previous time I went out as Austin Powers - similar results except everyone else bottled out and I was the only one in costume...

(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 10:32, 2 replies)
Went to a friend's birthday party.
Dressed as King Kong. Had to get a straw for my drink owing to the unyielding, corpselike rubber of the mask. After fifteen minutes, got bored of trying to find my mouth inside my own head and ripped off the mask, releasing a cloud of sweatsteam worthy of a rugby changing room and transforming my disguise from King Kong to Mediterranean Hairy Back Man.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 9:46, Reply)
A friend had his birthday party on Australia Day
with a "famous Australian" fancy dress theme.
I went as a "famous Austrian".
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 9:43, 18 replies)
Real blood
It was advertised as a bad-taste fancy dress party. I went as some kind of mad scientist, with a pair of fake balls dangling below my labcoat. My mate Jon had gone in his furry caver suit (not sure what was bad taste about that). Daft Tom had gone as a tampon, complete with blue string.

Anyway, the lovely Susan (who everyone fancied) had gone as a kind of corpse bride, and all the blokes were fawning over her and trying to impress her, as blokes do when chasing a girl. Unfortunately daft Tom and furry Jon ended up fighting. Jon slipped over and cracked his head open, which started bleeding profusely. I suddenly became sober and started to organise everyone, in particular trying to get Jon cooled down, as he was boiling inside his furry suit. Daft Tom came to help too, and got blood all over his tampon outfit, hilariously.

I ended up accompanying Jon to hospital where he got stitched up. Sitting in the waiting room, some pissed-up bloke holding a bleeding hand told me that my balls were dangling out of my coat. Not a great night.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 8:32, Reply)
My mum dressed me up as the chimney stack
of the S.A. Vaal both times we sailed on her when they held their regular "Kids Dressup Party".

I won. Both times.
(, Mon 4 Nov 2013, 7:33, 2 replies)
.A young lady had arranged her 21st birthday do
A large hotel ballroom in a high end hotel was booked and invitations stating fancy dress were sent out. The mistake was sending the invites six months in advance to ensure a good turnout.

My friend and his sister arrived at 9.00pm to avoid being unfashionably early. They asked for directions to the function room from the concierge. He replied "ah, you'll be with the chicken then"

Entering the enormous ballroom they found it fully decorated with the girl who'd birthday it was sat alone dressed in a chicken suit and crying piteously at the bar. In the intervening 6 months all her guests had forgotten to come
(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 23:13, 4 replies)
Pearoasted question desrves pearoasted reply.
friend of mine used to have a fancy dress party at his house every year
Several years ago someone came dressed up as Superman...

...in a wheelchair.
Who fucking cares.
(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 20:31, 1 reply)
Basically, I was Jaws.

(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 20:01, 11 replies)
Once I went to a fancy dress party and they were all dressed up as dwarves and orcs and so forth because they thought it said fantasy dress but it didn't matter because it was still dressing up.

(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 19:27, Reply)
crossed dressing
I was in halls for my 1st year of university. It was nearly Christmas and a poster went up advertising a christmas meal and at the bottom it said 'fancy dress'
So me and my mate decided to go in drag (any excuse eh) so with borrowed dresses ridiculous wigs and stuffed bras we went down to the canteen.

When we got there we were two of about 10 people in fancy dress, there were some of the inevitable people who didn't bother but the vast majority were in black tie and ballgowns. What the shuddering fuck?! Still we had a laugh and I got off with a girl at the party that followed which in dress was quite a surreal experience.

I have no idea why they all read fancy dress as 'smart clothes' mind you it was in Wales
(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 12:00, 8 replies)
I once dressed up on the internet. Signed up to loads of forums using the same comedy
user name and then some bad people came after me and like doxed me even though I had given away all the relevant details about my life thus making it really, really easy to be doxed. I still cry about it now but I refuse to take the fancy dress costume off. Plus, I once punch fucked a copper because he wanted sloppy seconds with my girlfriend; I punched him whilst I was driving my Honda Accord at 140mph across my 44,000 litre pool of my own piss. I forget because MASSIVE drugs but there were some super model Lego with me at the time on the back seat.

fuck off
(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 10:37, 19 replies)
I went to a kids fancy dress birthday party dress as the ghost of princess Diana being held down by Paul Burrell and ass raped by prince Phillip
Needless to say.......
(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 9:15, 3 replies)
And the most famous shark in the world was Jaws.

(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 8:39, 4 replies)
Osama Bin Killed
A mate had a fancy dress party a couple of years ago, and whilst I don't normally bother dressing up for these, a rare moment of enthusiasm took me and I decided to dress up as Osama Bin Laden's ghost.

This consisted of full blackface, fake beard, Arab headscarf, the top section of a pirate fancy dress outfit (faux leather jerkin and white tunic thingy), over a white linen bathrobe I'd nicked from the serviced apartment I was staying in, with some dark blue trackies and white flip flops. For the avoidance of any doubt around who I was supposed to be I rounded the ensemble off with a large pair of angel wings and a plastic machine gun. It probably sounds a bit shit but it actually all came together perfectly and went down well with the other equally tastelessly dressed party goers. Up to a point anyway.

That point, from memory, was shortly after 11:30pm when I opened the door of my mates flat to his middle eastern neighbour who'd come over to complain about the noise and didn't seem to appreciate my creation quite as much as everyone else for some reason...
(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 4:54, 3 replies)
At hallowe'en, thirteen years ago
I decided to go out dressed as a monochrome Papa Lazarou-esque Satan. As with all plans executed by idiot students, I left the planning to the last minute and knocked my outfit up on the night with what I had to hand. The base was easy enough (boot polish), but all I could find to use for the white detailing was a tube of acrylic paint. It worked well enough, I looked suitably sinister, out I went.

Over the course of the next hour the acrylic paint dried, cracked and flaked off. I had to spend the next four hours hanging around the SU bar in blackface.
(, Sun 3 Nov 2013, 2:32, Reply)
Because the animal most famous for having a fin on its back is a shark.

(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 18:08, 10 replies)
I decided to dress up as a copper, and a nonce punched me.

(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 17:11, 6 replies)
Fake Tits
A few years ago on Halloween eve I returned to Guildford where I had lived a couple of years previously. Over Facebook I'd been invited to a party at The Tup and the attending list included a load of old college mates, I decided to go but wanted it to be a surprise. Having arrived in G-town from Manchester I went straight to the fancy dress shop to find a costume and settled on a witches hat and a pair of fake comedy breasts, perfect social hand grenade material for my triumphant return. I arrived at the party expecting to be greeted by the old gang I'd spent so many good times with. Walking through the door expecting a hero's welcome, fake comedies on show, the place was packed......with people I didn't know, I didn't even vaguely recognise anyone expect for an ex girlfriend who fucked off as soon as she saw me. Feeling quite the twat I spent an unbearable 3 hours perched on a bar stool with only my fake comedy breasts for company texting round my mates before two of then took pity on me and turned up.

TLDR: I went to a Halloween party in Guildford wearing fake comedy breasts and I didn't know anyone.

The End
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 16:54, 5 replies)
Tried going to a party dressed as billy idol.
The hair dye fucked up and I had to pretend I was Vivian. Still looked shit though.
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 14:56, 2 replies)
I was invited to a fancy dress thing last week.
I hate all this dressing up stuff so I went in jeans and a shirt and said to different people that I was 'The voice over bloke from big brother', 'Sexism in the workplace' or 'One of the extras from a deleted scene in Die Hard 3'.

I didn't win the prize for best dressed.
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 14:42, Reply)
My priest costume was particularly popular

No, not really me
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 14:16, Reply)
Amusingly Convincing
A friend of mine was born without arms, just long fingery things.

So he dressed up as an industrial accident. Construction worker clothing and a hard hat. Then shorten and shred the sleeves and soak them in fake blood. Very hard to see his fingery things in under all that mess, they extend no more than 30cm or so from his shoulders.

Costume was indeed a bad taste hit and pretty convincing.

How convincing? He was a bit pissed, wobbling home when a passing ambulance screeched to a halt next to him and he was mobbed by rather alarmed paramedics. As he was a bit pissed it took him a while to explain that it is perfectly OK for him to be getting about without arms and that he was not merely in shock.

Then there was the time in 2002 I dressed up as the World Trade Center, one tower on each shoulder with an airplane stuck in one and jelly babies jumping out of the windows.
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 11:35, 10 replies)
Odd one out
I wasn't the only one who dressed up - but the party hosts were fashion students, and their "80s nite" costumes were of course, utterly fabulous, and not at all out of place, just with a bit of an 80s tip.
Me, I dug out an old crushed velvet jacket, dress shirt which I belted round the middle with more belts than strictly necessary, tucked my baggy shiny pin-stripe morning suit trousers into my boxer boot tops, and crimped my long hair, painted a heart-shaped beauty spot on, and wore aviator shades.
Out of the hundred or so guests at the party (a massive shared house with vast garden), aside from my fashion mates' slightly kooky get ups, I was the only New Romantic in the Village.
Late in the night, some bloke shifted up to me, looked me up and down, and says "You is into, like, rock, yeah?" Well, yes, as it happens, but FFS, I'm in fancy dress. This is not my idea of a neat outfit. "Yeah, but, you like rock." I'm not really sure what his point was.

So, next time I was invited to a fancy dress do, I refused. Nope, not me, not this time.
Bollocks. Everyone else turned up in outrageous and complex costumes - and by being dressed normally, I looked possibly more of a tit than if I'd worn my New Romantic shit again.
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 10:50, 1 reply)
I worked at a civil engineering firm.
I shared an office with Dave, a very preppy/yuppie type who was more often than not out meeting with clients, often on the golf course. I basically had the office to myself as a result.

On Halloween we were discussing costumes, and I announced that I was going to dress up as Dave. Everyone looked blankly at me, so I explained- "I just won't be here, that's all."

Dave was not amused, but everyone else was.
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 9:05, 1 reply)
They don't do Halloween in the UAE
so have a recent shot of me instead. It's as close to a Halloween look as I've got these days.

EDIT: Okay, might as well do this right. Here and here are two more from the summer.
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 9:00, 10 replies)
So I had a Finn on my back, see?

(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 8:36, Reply)
I spent last Thursday night dressed up as
This guy -

Most of the people I met and spoke to were impressed with the uncanny likeness.
(, Sat 2 Nov 2013, 7:43, 16 replies)

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