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This is a question Fancy Dress Failures Pt 2

Janet Aylia asks, "Did you go all-out only to find you'd fallen for the age-old 'you're the only one who dressed up' gag? Did you wrap yourself in cotton wool and ketchup and offend the local vicar by dressing as a tampon?"

(, Thu 31 Oct 2013, 20:19)
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I went to a party dressed as a poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed.

(, Thu 7 Nov 2013, 9:50, Reply)
The geek on set that saw the people helping the woman getting ready to do the acting done in the projection what that robot done in that fantasy film
That was a fan-see dress fey Leia part, too.
(, Thu 7 Nov 2013, 9:15, 4 replies)
i blacked up

(, Thu 7 Nov 2013, 8:59, Reply)

(, Thu 7 Nov 2013, 7:51, 3 replies)
70's theme office party
Everyone came as elvis, or gary glitter (this was still the 90s), etc. I rocked up dressed as the winter of discontent. (boiler suit with "crisis, what crisis" sprayed on the back, hat with candles, icicles on the glasses). Absolutely nobody got it, apart from the boss's brother who had come as a miner. We ended up sat in the corner talking about arthur scargill all night.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 23:56, 1 reply)
Who might have the name of Rory, Amorous, Yeti, Spanky (great posts), badger, in fact all of you are just dressing up failures. (myself included)

Yes you!
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 23:22, 5 replies)
A bunch of grapes
Black jeans/top.
6 green balloons stuck to front and back.
Dreadlocks in topknot a la stalk.
Piss taken by original imaginitive types dressed as carbon copies of movie characters.

The balloons lasted about five minutes, but the realisation that half of my friends were bell ends lasted a lifetime.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 20:50, 5 replies)
I tried to buy a house in Mayfair but I was gazumped.
Fancy address failure, geddit?!!
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 18:42, 6 replies)
I went dressed as John Merrick including the John Hurt impersonation. Greatly offended one
wimmin as it was very incorrect, tantamount to black face in her opinion. She harassed me so much I had to promise to donate to the Genetic Alliance and to do some voluntary work.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 17:06, 7 replies)
Just in the interests of being controversial and edgy
I went to a party dressed as both of the Twin Towers.

As it turned out, someone else there had decided to go as Hulk Hogan, and promptly beat the stuffing out of me. Needless to say, he won that particular competition.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 16:35, 1 reply)
The last time I was invited to a fancy dress party, they insisted that I make an effort.
So I didn't bother going.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 16:28, Reply)
I went dressed as a designer fridge.

(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 16:00, 4 replies)
I went to my sisters pirate themed party in my normal clothes
when I was asked why I wasn't dressed up, I pulled out a VHS copy of Trainspotting and shouted "As advertised on Crimestoppers!"

No-one got the reference. Twats, didn't they ever rent a video in the 90s?
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 15:08, 2 replies)
i dressed as a panda for a fancy dress party
turns out, the hosts had been to lazy to bother, and too lazy to spread the word thoroughly. They wanted to go out in town instead.

I was a panda, my sister dressed as an 80s chick (at least she could go out without too much comment) and her boyfriend was Max from where the wild things are. In a homemade costume, sewn from towels, with a crown, and even non-removable mittens. He could hardly hold a drink in those misstitched mitts, let alone eat or hygienically use the toilet.

I even took my own bamboo. I went home early.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 14:40, 4 replies)
I was told there would be cake at the party
So I went dressed as Chell only to found it was a lie.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 14:23, Reply)
I dressed up as Lex Luthor and stole all the cakes.

(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 14:20, 5 replies)
I wore a fancy dress
to a fancy dress party.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 14:15, Reply)
I once dressed up as the singer from The Wedding Present

(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 14:09, 1 reply)
I went dressed
to a fancy dress party in normal clothes with a condom stuck over my snout.

"Who have you come as", asked the host?

"Fuck nose", I replied.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 13:17, Reply)
I went to Scotland during the summer.

(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 12:55, 11 replies)
I smell like furniture polish.

(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 12:36, 1 reply)
Fancy dress is old school
The hip kids of today now call it cosplay apparently.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 11:54, 8 replies)
I found this, it should win the competition
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 10:55, 6 replies)
I just threw it over my shoulder, and said I was a petrol pump.

(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 9:15, 3 replies)

I turned up at a fancy dress party in just a pair of y-fronts
"What the fuck is this" shouted the hostess "It's supposed to be fancy dress"
I said "A premature ejaculation, I've come in my pants"
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 8:26, 1 reply)
My sister once went to a party as a banana.
Unfortunately she couldn't get the costume unzipped because the yellow fur had jammed the zipper.

So she pissed herself. I don't think any went in her mouth.
(, Wed 6 Nov 2013, 7:46, Reply)

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