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This is a question Fantasists

Eddie Spunkbubble says: I used to know a sad case who fancied himself as a bit of a 007 and bragged that he always carried a loaded 9mm pistol in his attache case "just in case". Overheard by an off-duty copper, he was asked to make good on his claim. A packed lunch, red face and a stern warning "not to act the twat" and he never did it again. Tell us of Walter Mitty types.

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 11:40)
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Once, I found a lump under my armpit.
Fearing the worst, I went to the doctor to get it checked out. He pushed it and prodded it and it was quite squishy and said he didn't think it was anything too serious but that he would take biopsy and send it for analysis just in case.

He took a scalpel and went to make little nick in the skin over the lump and it suddenly burst, sending orange fluid squirting out so fast, the doctor couldn't move out of the way quick enough and some of it squirted right in his mouth. The doctor recoiled, a little shocked and disgusted, but then he licked his lips and said it tasted like orange and was, of all things, fizzy.

He then sighed with relief, stood up and said, "It's ok, there's nothing to worry about, it's just a Fanta cyst".

The end.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 17:38, 7 replies)
Oh, do fork off.

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 18:27, closed)
Yeah? Well, you just go and
Finger a Ghoti (goat)
(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 19:45, closed)
Go and sit on the naughty step and think about what you've done.

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 19:30, closed)
oh you utter cunt

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 19:54, closed)
Get out.
Go on, out.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 20:25, closed)
I clicked it but
Now that I know everyone thinks it's just a bad pun, I feel sad.
(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 1:35, closed)
You've revealed your true feelings in a moment of impulsivity
and I thank you for it.
(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 12:54, closed)

(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 11:25, closed)

(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 12:53, closed)

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