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This is a question Fears and Phobias

I'll level with you. I'm really freaked out by loose buttons. I'm fine while they're doing their job, but once they're free the evil bastards are a major threat to my life. Tell us what spooks you, and how you cope. Also: church bells, doner kebab salads, death.

(, Thu 11 Sep 2014, 17:18)
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Nearest I can get to this was when
me and my three mates went on holiday to Florida. It was a beautiful resort with only two drawbacks. The first was this cunt waving notices from his balcony telling his pals at home that he was really here.
The second problem was that one of my mates incredibly had never been to the seaside before. When he took his first step on the beach he fell apart in a panic attack. So we dragged him to the nearest bar and the barman says "Fuck me what's up with him?"

"Fears sand, four beers."
(, Mon 22 Sep 2014, 16:23, closed)
you are a despicable human being

(, Mon 22 Sep 2014, 16:26, closed)
I hope you die in a fire.
The fire that destroys the venue for the first leg of Dr Skagra's book reading tour.
(, Mon 22 Sep 2014, 16:33, closed)
I hope he is forced to hear the end of it.

(, Mon 22 Sep 2014, 16:43, closed)

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