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This is a question Fears and Phobias

I'll level with you. I'm really freaked out by loose buttons. I'm fine while they're doing their job, but once they're free the evil bastards are a major threat to my life. Tell us what spooks you, and how you cope. Also: church bells, doner kebab salads, death.

(, Thu 11 Sep 2014, 17:18)
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I've got this morbid, overwhelming fear of dying in a fire.

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 17:48, 6 replies)
haha! tossers doing 'jokes' about the question still being open!

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 17:42, 2 replies)
I'm afraid this topic will spin its wheels for another week

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 17:13, Reply)
Not being first (which I was) and being last...

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 17:08, Reply)

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 16:32, Reply)
Upsetting Username Failed Moderation.

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 15:57, 2 replies)
Not being last.

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 15:38, Reply)

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 14:43, 2 replies)

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 13:36, 4 replies)
Being last.

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 13:31, Reply)
My biggest fear?
Getting caught.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 12:24, Reply)
I fear this website has become a unmoderated wasteland.

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 12:18, 15 replies)
Things about my bins give me the creeps.

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 11:44, 6 replies)

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 10:26, 11 replies)
I have a fear of having to listen to endless ruminations on Scottish independence even after the votes were cast.
"It's SHITE being Scottish! We're the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some hate the English. I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We're ruled by effete arseholes. It's a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won't make any fucking difference! "
(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 9:11, 14 replies)
Some Greeks tried to give me a gift.
I was terrified.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 9:10, 5 replies)
We reviewed
this at uni the other day.

My fear is that we're going to have a generation of kids that can't even properly use a mouse and keyboard let alone pick up a pen and be able to write something.
You think I'm wrong? I challenge anyone here to beat my daughter at Temple Run.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 8:42, 19 replies)
I live in constant dread that Richard 'Monty Boyce' McBeef's weekly posts about reggae performers won't make the QOTW popular page.

(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 8:19, 5 replies)
We've got nothing to fear...but fear itself?
Not pain, not failure, not fatal tragedy?
Not the faulty units in this mad machinery?
Not the broken contacts in emotional chemistry?

With an iron fist in a velvet glove
We are sheltered under the gun
In the glory game on the power train
Thy kingdom's will be done

And the things that we fear are a weapon to be held against us...

He's not afraid of your judgment
He knows of horrors worse than your Hell
He's a little bit afraid of dying
But he's a lot more afraid of your lying

And the things that he fears are a weapon to be held against him...

Can any part of life be larger than life?
Even love must be limited by time
And those who push us down that they might climb
Is any killer worth more than his crime?

Like a steely blade in a silken sheath
We don't see what they're made of
They shout about love, but when push comes to shove
They live for the things they're afraid of

And the knowledge that they fear is a weapon to be used against them...
(, Fri 19 Sep 2014, 8:08, 7 replies)
Probably the vast emptiness of death. Not the moment of death itself but the abyss beyond.
There's just so many artworks I'll not have time to witness. All of those symphonies, literature and paintings I'll never experience.

This is probably why I spend every weekend binge watching The Simpsons.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 23:51, 1 reply)
a frog just jumped on my foot

Think I might be a witch.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 18:14, 23 replies)
Mouldy potatoes.
Especially unshaven Australian ones.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 17:18, 5 replies)
(^(^;;^)^) GO TEAM SPIDERS!
(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 16:40, 6 replies)
Getting my bellend sliced off bit by bit with a cheese grater.

(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 16:34, 5 replies)
Some fat cunt with IBS doing a massive eggy fart
just before I have to announce another round of redundancies.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 16:13, 3 replies)
doing eggy farts in meetings

(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 16:07, Reply)
Is no-one scared of clowns any more?

(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 16:02, 3 replies)
I'm frightened of you English spastics taking away our FREEEEDOM

(, Thu 18 Sep 2014, 15:24, 10 replies)

This question is now closed.

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