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This is a question Festivals

Mud, rubbish sex, food poisoning and the Quo replacing the headline act you've mortgaged your house to see. Tell us your experiences

Question from Chart Cat

(, Thu 4 Jun 2009, 13:33)
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A relatively small festival focusing primarily on the heavier, more obscure end of the metal spectrum. I went last year and was frankly staggered by the amount of... odd people from various european countries.

Highlights include:

-Screaming obsceneties at some twat from Kerrang radio who appeared to introduce bands. He lasted all of 4 appearances on stage before he realised nobody liked him.

-The drummer from the unsigned band "Necrosadistic Gost Torture" (who win best band name of the festival) wandering up to me at 6am to blag a cigarette absolutely twatted off his face and playing in less than 8 hours.

-Stealing beer from Alestorm who decided to wander around the campsite screaming at people.

-Watching a mate get launched from an inflatable sofa as a very large man in a cowboy hat leaped on the other end unexpectedly (well, as unexpected as it can be when you hear a scream of "SOFA!" seconds beforehand). Managed to destroy 2 neighbouring tents on his way down from his impromptu flight.

-Going on a hunt for the guy screaming Arnie catchphrases for 12 hours a day every day, finding said guy and joining him in being an annoying twat.

But I think the highlight of the whole thing were the people camped opposite us. We gleaned early on that they happened to be Manowar fans. This was corroborated by them playing one manowar album 24/7 untill the end of the festival. There were about 8 of them in one massive tent which they frequently left unattended, so most people nearby had a nose in it when it was left open.

As it turns out they couldn't be fucked with portaloos, so they'd been shitting and pissing all over the inside of their tent. God only knows where they slept.

By sunday we noticed a strange occurence. They'd all started the festival in jeans, however they'd gradually been cutting them off for whatever reason. Fair enough, cutting them into shorts is acceptable. Then by sunday evening EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was sporting a pair of jean hot-pants. This was only made funnier by the fact the pockets were hanging a good 4 inches past the cut off legs. It looked like they had little scrotes growing out of their sides.

Wherever you may be, hot-pant wearing Manowar dudes - I salute you.
(, Thu 4 Jun 2009, 22:48, 10 replies)
It's good to see the BOA attenders coming out.

The worst I had to put other with last year was Ted Maul screaming their heads off at 5am in the VIP camp. (Yes, I have too much money).

Watch out for the B3ta flag this year...
(, Thu 4 Jun 2009, 22:51, closed)
I shall be sure to keep an eye out. I get the feeling Amon Amarth will make this year's BOA epic.
(, Thu 4 Jun 2009, 22:58, closed)
Aye, they're going to be very good
Although I'm looking forward to Blind Guardian after missing them at 07.

I know the lineup isn't as great as it could be, but it's still solid. Looking forward to it a lot!
(, Thu 4 Jun 2009, 23:03, closed)
What about the legends that are..
Europe. Going to be a short set though because theyv'e only got one song that I can think of.
(, Sat 6 Jun 2009, 22:26, closed)
Still wish they'd bring back the Indoor though.
(, Thu 4 Jun 2009, 22:59, closed)
Good QOTW this - 2 lols in 10 mins
A click for: "It looked like they had little scrotes growing out of their sides."!
(, Fri 5 Jun 2009, 11:03, closed)
Manowar tent
was awesome :)
Did you see the guys singing "Throw the Jew down the Well"? I did see a guy with a jewish flag at the festival and it makes me chuckle to think of him holed up in a tent going "oh shit"
(, Sat 6 Jun 2009, 5:51, closed)
I think...
That that was my mate with Chris from Alestorm.

BTW He isn't racist and I am jewish, he's just a drunk twat.
(, Sat 6 Jun 2009, 22:27, closed)
Scottish pirate metal!
-Stealing beer from Alestorm who decided to wander around the campsite screaming at people.

Superb! One of the best bands around!
(, Mon 8 Jun 2009, 17:22, closed)
ManOwaR!! \m/
Has anyone seen their show live? With the Viking longboat and "Mr Metal", the dude who stands there with the "torch of metal" lit through the show?? I really want that "Mr Metal" bit to be true!
(, Wed 10 Jun 2009, 17:42, closed)

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