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This is a question Ginger

Do you have red hair? Do you know someone hit with the ginger stick? Tell us your story.

(, Thu 25 Feb 2010, 12:54)
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Well the thing is
I've been well and truly raped up the brownstar by the ginger stick.
however I'm not fussed in the slightest and it's true when I say this but, gingers are in fact the chosen people.
Ever since we were put on this earth by Thy lord his holyness Crabmeister General
it has been set in time that one day the Gingers shall rise up and rid the world of anybody not of the copperhaired persuasion.
The time is nigh, prepare yourselves for your inevitable rather nasty deaths by kittens.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 18:56, 17 replies)
not cool.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 19:40, closed)
real point or are you naturally unfunny?
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 20:01, closed)
you gotta love no-script
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 20:09, closed)
Installs said no-script.
No, not cool at all.
(, Tue 2 Mar 2010, 2:22, closed)
You will burn in Hell for that one.

(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 22:22, closed)
You sir, are a cunt
And furthermore, I hope you and all of your family die slowly in a fire.

Fuck off and die you dick.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 22:43, closed)
I hope his dad rapes him
and gives him aids...
(, Wed 3 Mar 2010, 15:39, closed)
You fucking
(, Tue 2 Mar 2010, 8:44, closed)
(, Tue 2 Mar 2010, 10:10, closed)
clicks ignore - you prick

(, Tue 2 Mar 2010, 11:20, closed)
I can't help but go with the general consensus...
...you're an absolute cunty cunt.

But I think I'm even more of one for blindly clicking a link on B3ta.

*Learns lesson*

*Tries very, very hard to make sure lesson stays learnt*
(, Tue 2 Mar 2010, 14:23, closed)
You, Sir...
...are a cuntbeak. I had a rather uncomfortable chat with the IT man at work today after that! My bad for clicking, but still...

(, Tue 2 Mar 2010, 19:49, closed)
kill -9
(, Tue 2 Mar 2010, 22:10, closed)
I haven't clicked the link, but your prior answers
and comments do show you as being think.

So, you're a cunt!
(, Wed 3 Mar 2010, 9:36, closed)
I've now clicked the link
and you're a cunt. Read the FAQs... no NSFW stuff that isn't labelled, you retard. Some users
have responsible jobs and internet abuse policies.
(, Wed 3 Mar 2010, 15:38, closed)
as much as i'm going to regret this.....
.....I'm not quite daft enough to click the link. But goddamn the response has me curious.

Can anyone who already has, explain?
(, Wed 3 Mar 2010, 16:39, closed)
do a search
for meatspin, then imagine the resulting video hijacking your browser for a couple of minutes whilst simultaneously rickrolling you. Good one to send to the inlaws, but really should have been nsfw'd. Also If you do click on it, don't set your browser to "open windows and tabs from last time", that can be annoying. Not the sort of thing I'd click on with a machine running windoze.
(, Wed 3 Mar 2010, 23:53, closed)

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