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This is a question Heckles

Forget the drunk bloke at the back yelling incoherent nonsense. Sometimes a well placed heckle can raise a mediocre act to a brilliant night out.
Tell us your best heckles and, if you are brave, the retorts that put you back in your place like the maggot you are.

(, Thu 6 Apr 2006, 13:13)
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Shit Radio Heckle
Walking around on a thursday morning (i think) at Glasto '05, not altogether with it since i've been up doing the usual hedonistic glastonbury stuff for too long. I come across a throng of people, walking alongside a lanky haired dude and a fat bastard with a microphone. After about a minute of them walking my way i deduce (rather brilliantly) that this is chris moyles and he is interviewing this man live on radio.

Its on now.

My brain is firing on all fucking cylinders, usually im quite quick witted but the festivals taking its toll and before i know it i've been pushed off the gangway by moyles and his crowd and am now royally pissed off.

What do i come out with?

"Moyles....shows....wank.....fat bastard"

Please tell me someone was listening and heard that, or at least the "cheers mate" retort. I've never been on radio before.

I was so disappointed in myself that i stood there looking despondent for the next 10 minutes.
(, Tue 11 Apr 2006, 14:58, Reply)

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