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This is a question I'm going to Hell...

...because I said the Lord's Prayer backwards at a funeral to summon up the Goat of Mendes, Freddie Woo tells us. Tell us why you're doomed.

Thanks to Kaol for the suggestion

(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 13:09)
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Despite it allegedly being compulsory until GCSE (school rule rather than national curriculum I think) I only did RE until halfway through my second year of high school.

My attempts to explain to the rest of the class why I thought religion was a tool of subjugation and prejudice, through the medium of dressing up as Hitler, shouting 'Sieg Heil!' continuously throughout the lesson and drawing swastikas on every available surface, didn't go down especially well with our teacher.

How was I to know she was the child of Auschwitz survivors?

A month off school to sit at home and consider my actions for that. Never had to do RE again though.
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 14:13, 8 replies)
Not sure about the swastikas...
..but bang on with the rest!
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 14:17, closed)
Swastikas are a great idea
You can use them to show how a single symbol can be a good thing or an utterly evil thing depending on how it's used and who's looking at it- so how useless they are for any practical purpose.

Another example would be the crucifix- show it to a Christian and he'd bow his head with respect. Show it to an impoverished Jewish carpenter 1975 years ago and he'd run off screaming...
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 15:44, closed)
Especially because the same symbol is used by Buddhists. I've heard it means enlightenment or power, depending upon who you ask, but it certainly predates Hilter. So yes, it could be a very good example to make that point. :)

Just unfortunate the the lesson was not as well planned as it could've been - there's such great potential here
(, Sat 13 Dec 2008, 4:55, closed)
Miss Jewingstein was never the same again. :(
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 14:36, closed)
You got a month off though.
And didn't have to do RE.
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 14:59, closed)
me too! did you go to LCS and is your name sean?
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 16:18, closed)
No to both!

(, Fri 12 Dec 2008, 12:25, closed)
I believe RE would've been compulsory up until the end of 3rd year in secondary school (at least it was for me).

Either way, I agree with your ideals there.
(, Mon 15 Dec 2008, 18:57, closed)

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