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This is a question Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Hospitals

Tingtwatter asks: Ever been on the receiving end of some quality health care? Tell us about it

(, Thu 11 Mar 2010, 11:49)
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Hospital Food
Having spent a few weeks in hospital, I found the hospital food - ok. It might not look amazing, but it tasted ok, and was cooked for me.

Its not gourmet food, but its certainly not horrible.

I remember people in my ward complaining of the quality of the food. These are the people who spend all day asking when they can go because they have meetings with their benefits officer etc.

A few guys on my bay would argue between themselves how the mash potato was too gloopy, or the gravy to thick.

Not realising that its not a hotel, but a hospital.

It really wound me up, they could be really nasty about the nurses behind their backs - for no reason.

I also remember one guy sneeking off to the toilets for a biff. This being on the chest/lung ward, where Oxygen is piped everywhere. Alarms started to ring, and the fire bregade were called. He spent the next day complaining he didnt like the baked beans on his meal and kicked off.

I was greatful for everything that hospital did for me.
(, Wed 17 Mar 2010, 14:09, 5 replies)
Nice story, but
Grateful, not "greatful"
(, Wed 17 Mar 2010, 15:26, closed)
And "brigade" :)

(, Wed 17 Mar 2010, 16:08, closed)
ok ok
fair enough. Apols for spelling mis-haps.
(, Wed 17 Mar 2010, 16:51, closed)
It's not about the quality
It's the nutritional value. Vegetables lose most of their goodness when they've been boiled to fuck. Plus, holding trays of food in bainmaries for hours on end isn't a good idea. I dunno about the rest of you but whenever I've been in hospital, my main concern was getting well. With treatment, nutritionally-benificial food and such. Not meat paste and potato-style carbohydrate muck.
(, Wed 17 Mar 2010, 17:24, closed)
The guy sneaking off to the toilets on the chest/lung ward
sounds exactly like something my neighbour did when he was in hospital last year. He was admitted with some sort of infection and had been hacking his guts up for quite a while, yet couldn't understand why I called him a twat for smoking on the ward.
(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 15:21, closed)

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