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This is a question Mobile phone disasters

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How has a mobile phone wrecked your life?

(, Thu 30 Jul 2009, 12:14)
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Nobody's life has been wrecked...
...but this might help one or two people escape from their own mobile disasters.

Orange (UK) have recently been fiddling with some of their out-of-bundle charges for contract customers and, in their defence, pretty much all the changes have been them lowering charges (which in this day and age is something of a miracle).
However, they did raise one charge and that is grounds for most of their contract customers (ie anyone affected by these changes who signed up prior to June of this year) to cancel their existing contract, with no penalty charge, taking both their phone and number with them.

I know this probably sounds like a scam or spam or whatever but I can attest first-hand to it's effectiveness (because like no scams have ever used a line like that(!)) - five months into a 2 year deal and I've managed to escape with a free phone and a free PS3!

Details on how to play the system can be found here, along with a troubleshooting guide telling you how to deal with most of the possible lines Orange will try to feed you to stop you from leaving.
Hopefully one or two of you will find this useful.
(, Mon 3 Aug 2009, 23:06, 6 replies)
I thought you said they raised the charge?
(, Mon 3 Aug 2009, 23:32, closed)

Yeah, they raised a single charge and lowered a whole load of others.

But the fact that they raised any of them, under the terms and conditions of the contract, gives the customer the right to cancel and walk away.

edit: the pages in the links explain all.
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 0:19, closed)
Is true, my brother informed me last night. He walked away 6months into his 18month contract promptly sold his phone on ebay and took out a new contract with them.
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 0:29, closed)
Well then
I guess I shall be getting one of those nice shiny iphone 3gs thingies i've been hearing so much about.
*is glad he hung onto orange's stupid text*
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 0:43, closed)

You don't need to have the text on your phone or to have even received it - the troubleshooting guide explains how to get round that issue.
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 1:00, closed)
finding this randomly got me off my contract, 3 months in YAYS
and to think 3 months beforehand i got out of contract with them also (for them fucking my phone up again and again)

i have also spammed this on facebook and a few other sites, cableforum, cablehell and twitter

to the person who posted this thank you
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 19:43, closed)

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