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This is a question Old stuff I still know

Our Ginger Fuhrer says that he could still code up a simple game idea in Amstrad Basic, while I'm your man if you ever need to rebuild the suspension on an Austin Allegro (1750 Equipe version). This stuff doesn't leave your mind - tell us about obsolete talents you still have.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2011, 17:04)
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Mental Arithmetic
I used to pride myself on my mental artithmetic abilities. I'd do things in my head quicker than I could by calculator. When I worked on the tills in a Newsagents at 18, I'd have the cost of whatever people were buying worked out in my head before I had it rung up on the till.

I'd be able to divide the cost of a meal with friends out evenly while they were still reading the bill. Work out the fine on my library books before the librarian had even noticed they were late back.

I just used a calculator to work out 70 divided by 10.

I made it 7.1

And I typed that into a spreadsheet without even noticing it was wrong.

Fucking hell.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 15:46, 8 replies)
Isn't the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe run on an engine based on
specifically the mathematics encountered in restaurants?
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 15:51, closed)
Well alright mister wise guy,
if you're so clever you tell us what number it should be! ...
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 17:57, closed)
That would be the spaceship Bistromath, in (I think) Life, The Universe, and Everything (whichever one has the bit at Lords cricket ground anyway)
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 23:47, closed)
70 divided bty 10 is 7.1 ?
that really is mental arithmetic. totally mental. ;D
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 15:52, closed)
Well, I am assuming that I pressed the wrong keys and did 71/10
The error isn't really the problem, the problem is that I used a fucking calculator in the first place.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 15:54, closed)
i feel a fat finger moment coming on here
for the terminaly obese please mash the keypad now

or some thing along those lines from the simpsons
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 18:49, closed)
You were already using a spreadsheet, just get that to do the calculation for you :P
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 23:45, closed)
Well yeah, there is that too.

(, Tue 5 Jul 2011, 8:38, closed)

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