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(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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yeah, Jackie.
Now that the election campaigns are up and running, who are you voting for?
I still have no idea but I was swaying towards Conservatives. Who knew?!

alt. What are you up to this evening?
Ive got new Drag Race and a birra cooking (not curry)

altalt. favourite holidays.

or just chat, pull up a chair. what's on YOUR mind?
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:07, 71 replies, latest was 5 years ago)
Do you think England will beat Italy in the football this evening?

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:18, Reply)
haha yeah right

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:20, Reply)

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:22, Reply)
I'm in favour of the economic policies of the Conservative and Unionist Party, but I also believe in redistribution of wealth
I'll prolly just 'make a statement' by spoiling my paper.

By pooing on it.

I'm intrigued; which Conservative policies would you be voting for?
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:20, Reply)
Dunno, I did this survey thing.
I still think we need to get our economy back on track and a new Labour term will result in more borrowing.
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:23, Reply)
borrowing isn't always a bad thing, a lot of it is borrowing via gilts

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:27, Reply)
Yes but it's been shown that austerity measures don't help much.
Rates are currently so low we could make money by borrowing it and shelving it, so it's entirely possible to borrow and spend our way out of the recession if spent wisely.
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:28, Reply)
Money could be distributed more evenly too.

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:32, Reply)
this is the policy of the conservatives in opposite land

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:38, Reply)
I know,
Not everyone's opinions are so blue and red though.
That's not to say I like purple.
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:43, Reply)
im just waiting for chimpy to turn up and tell us all why to vote labour

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:51, Reply)

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:25, Reply)
alt alt RV in California. no doubt.

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:34, Reply)
I'm loth to vote for my incumbent MP...
...Nice guy, been to a few social do's where he's been, spoken with him a few times, very clever and engaging man. However, he's the Attorney General and a rampant Tory.
Alt: This evening I will be going shopping while the stepdaughter's at her tutor.
Altalt: Anywhere in SE Asia, preferably touring Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:40, Reply)
preferably touring hong cong

(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:53, Reply)
Thought I was getting better.
Not so sure now.
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:41, Reply)
Im getting emails from Labour.
Their campaign seems to be a tshirt saying HELL YES IM VOTING LABOUR.
I keep getting stuff through the door from Liberal Democrats too.
Like a political Readers Digest worth.

Anyway, enough of that.
You can play pac man on google maps!!
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:44, Reply)
Totally voting for batshit lesbians, me.
It just seems a bit more constructive a protest vote than not bothering to turn up.
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 18:46, Reply)

I'll vote for the party which will raise the lifetime allowance so that the private sector are no longer discriminated against in terms of pension savings.
(, Tue 31 Mar 2015, 19:04, Reply)

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