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This is a question Pet Peeves

What makes you angry? Get it off your chest so we can laugh at your impotent rage.

(, Thu 1 May 2008, 23:12)
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Only the three worst things about America
Everything Amricans say
Everything Americans do

(, Wed 7 May 2008, 22:24, 12 replies)
say it as they do
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 22:26, closed)
Nothing personal, but
On behalf of my American GF...*punch in the face* Yeah, I know, a lot of them are twats. So are a lot of *insert any nationality you choose* Its just so much more noticeble with Americans since there are loads of them and they're often quite loud.
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 22:42, closed)
Sorry - Im not good with computers
I accept what you're saying, but also ask the question:
Why is it that Americans don't understand why they are not universally loved & admired
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 23:05, closed)
what? Sorry for being a racist?
you should be. Sure, the country's government has done evil things, and many gun toting' bible bashing nutjobs exist there. Some places are scary and dull to visit-- like Hull. But the USA has some of the smartest, intelligent, friendly foreward thinking top people going. Lots of 'em. Shame you've not met one. and new York is awesome.
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 23:35, closed)
I agree
Hull is scary and dull. A bit like a half-built ghost train. In broad daylight. Three days before the fair opens.
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 23:40, closed)
Something I just posted on the talk board
My friend/boss has just come back from NY and quite frankly it looks as though he has had the sh*t kicked out of him.

When I asked what happened, this was his response.

He was drinking in an Irish bar in New York for most of the day. After the 'teenth pint of Guinness he leant over to speak to his friend, but unfortunately his beard caught on a candle and set alight. Not too bad really, you could just pat it out, you might think.

However, the helpful 'murkin on the next table decided to help by throwing their drink over the burning area to help put out the flames, very nice. What they didn't consider was that they were drinking neat spirit. WOOOMF!

My mate now has 1st degree burns to the area surrounding his mouth and his eyelids!

Just had to share.

*Awaits 'Funny Accidents' QOTW.

Americans; well meaning but tend to fuck things up.
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 23:52, closed)
I've been to New York.
I've been to Salt Lake City.
I've been to Denver.
I've been to Springfield.
I've been lost in New Orleans.
I've been bored in Kansas City.
I've been to Brentford
I liked them - mostly.
I have American nieces and nephews
I would hate to be construed as a racist, as I think myself to be very open minded.
It just seems to me that this is a country/society which is not prepared to be criticised about anything,
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 23:57, closed)
I wouldn't say that...
We're perfectly willing to take criticism, if it's criticism and not mindless bashing. It's like me saying that the English are all ineffectual tea-sipping fops, or that the worst thing about Britain is England and the English.

There are lots of things I would love to see changed in American society. I can name specifics.

If you can only say "Murkins suck, hur hur hur" you'll not likely get a very positive reaction.
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 0:08, closed)
Fair play to all here
I accept that my post was facile and almost certainly about as wrong as it is possible to be.
I'll try to come back when I have something witty to say (maybe 2018).
Big sorrys to all - didn't mean to be offensive
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 0:13, closed)
No big offense taken.
My feelings weren't hurt or anything. Just pointing out something. *grin*
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 0:33, closed)
You have to remember that Americans are foreigners.
Just because they speak the same language doesn't mean they have the same culture as us. Ok it is similar but when I went over there it was as strange and new to me as going to Thailand. Of the few Americans I've met they've been a joy to know and I've even contemplated moving over there.

Canadians on the other hand *shudders*
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 8:41, closed)
@ Loon
Heheh. You mean that isn't the worst part about Britain? (I'm kidding. Mostly...the English media does suck balls)

@ BGB: You're right. It is a totally different place. THey use imperial measures but get confused about pints in the bars. Or maybe that was just the blonde trying to serve me. SOme lovely people/places there though. I'm considering moving to TN.
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 9:53, closed)

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