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This is a question Puns

Tell us your best ever puns - get them out of your system now and let's not see them again.

Suggested by MatJ

(, Thu 5 Mar 2009, 12:52)
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Secret extract
"Ah, Harry," Remus Lupin folded his hands to rest down on his desk, brown eyes weary with the burden of what he had to tell him, "I'm afraid that young Miss Granger is correct. I am a werewolf."

Harry recoiled in both fear and disgust, anger flaring as his trust for his professor crumbled away underneath his clenched fists. "What?! Are you fucking serious?!"

Lupin's eyes closed just briefly in thought as he nodded slightly. "Yes, that too."
(, Sat 7 Mar 2009, 17:13, 2 replies)
a click.

I'm going to steal that one.

(, Sat 7 Mar 2009, 23:06, closed)
Part of me thinks you've read an extremely bad fan-fic called "My Immortal" by some retarded "goth" girl
(, Sun 8 Mar 2009, 18:59, closed)

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