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This is a question Sacked II

I once had a "friend" (I hated his guts) who lost two jobs on the same day - he drunkenly crashed the taxi he was driving when he was supposed to be at his office job. How have you been sacked?

(, Thu 29 May 2014, 13:33)
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This PUA has never been sacked. Being sacked is for spineless pussies and not fine ALPHA MALE SPECIMENS like myself.
Last month they tried to get rid of me because no work was getting done on the third floor. All the sluts up there were now spending all their time discussing what I did with them last time I took them out. Since mastering THE GAME earlier this year I've wined, dined and fucked all of them, some in groups of two or three, and whilst there is some proper fine ass up there this ALPHA MALE don't like to stay in one place, but keep moving like a TRUE PLAYER. So yeah, when my manager called me into her office, my ALPHA MALE pheromones overcame her and she forgot what she called me in for. Instead I put that dirty bitch to the sword right there on the desk. Damn, I made her squeal. But that same day she recommended me for promotion. What can I say, you either got it or you don't.
(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 20:37, 9 replies)

I sense a subtle note of parody...
(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 20:42, closed)
Mind you, wouldn't be surprised if he upsets someone.

(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 20:46, closed)
so is this a spoof account pretending to be a spoof account? are we going to keep adding exclamation marks until it gets funny?

(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 21:03, closed)
But George!!, didn't you get sacked from Games Workshop for rubbing your winky against the elf-lady figures?

(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 21:08, closed)
awwww man ... after emvee spent so long painting it

(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 21:11, closed)

As a homosexual I feel violated, and not in a good way.
(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 22:27, closed)

(, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 23:36, closed)
I guess he's saying that,
even gay people think this is gay.
(, Tue 3 Jun 2014, 10:02, closed)

(, Tue 3 Jun 2014, 10:31, closed)

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