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This is a question Schadenfreude

There's nothing like administering first aid to cyclist who has just spanged into the back of a milk float when you have tears of laughter running down your face. The world is just one long episode of You've Been Framed - when have you laughed at the misfortune of others?

Suggested by althechristmasgeordie

(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 12:05)
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I should have felt bad... but meh...
Suicidal Tendencies (The band) were playing in Sydney and I, as an aging punk, decided this was unmissable.
They start playing and I place myself on the edge of the mosh pit, just out of reach of the spinning mass of similarly aging punks who have all come out for one night and are suitable pissed up and energetic as they run around in circles and slam into each other like men who know they're only allowed out once in a while and better make the most of it.
Behind me are a pair of bogans who are clearly smashed and clearly having a ball playing at being alternative. Amateur goth makeup, a t-shirt with "fuck" written on it in marker men and a few safety pins dotted around. You get the idea.
So after about ten seconds they both start jumping into me, their idea of a mini mosh, I assume.
I've been in moshpits for the better part of 20 years so I wasn't too fussed at first and then when I got annoyed I moved a bit to the side, but they moved too and continued to run up and jump into me and a couple of others who were also standing at the edge of the mayhem, pushing me again and again.
I turned around between a song and asked - politely, honest! - if they minded.
"If you don't like it, fuck off home!" screams the girl.
OK. So I move over a bit more, she follows and starts pushing into me again as soon as the next song starts. I turn around, she gives me a big smile and pushes again.
Or at least that was her plan, I moved out of the way as she started and she sailed past straight into the middle of the mass and disappeared from view. When the song ended, she made her way back out, looking utterly traumatised, with hair everywhere, tears galore and blood streaming out of her nose.
Poor little thing.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 4:36, 15 replies)

Good man, that's what a mosh pit is for! They were being dicks and got what was coming to them.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 6:26, closed)
Know this feeling
Happened to me at a gig a couple of months back, with 3 lads continually either pushing me into the pit, or punching me in the back of the head.

It was completely by accident that I took one of the lads legs out while he was in the pit, meaning he got multiple kicks to the face.

Honest officer.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 8:42, closed)
I love that there is this subtle understanding of what is and isn't acceptable in a moshpit. And I do adore old punk crowds who know just the right level of pushing on the limits to make it fun but not fucked.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 9:37, closed)
When my niece got married some years ago
she and her brothers and mates did some moshing at the reception.

Looked great, moshing in her wedding dress and veil! Wish someone'd filmed it!

The aged aunties and uncles were most disconcerted.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 9:58, closed)
I remember going to see Muse at the Apollo some years ago
It was my first time in a mosh pit so didn't really know the etiquette, after 20mins of myself and my Missus being barged into and punched etc I waited till the ring leader was coming at me again, moved slightly out of the way and stuck my leg out only for him to end up slamming into the (very limited) bar.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 10:39, closed)
When I went to see
Limp Bizkit – I only went as it was free and Cooper Temple Clause and Biffy Clyro were supporting - I was stood, unamused watching Fred Durst being a dick with a couple of mates, one who was pregnant.

We were stood in the middle of a bunch of people also just watching, when two guys decided to start a mosh pit and pile into my pregnant friend. I did the honourable thing, and stood in between their pit and her, but they kept banging into me. Everyone was getting annoyed with them, so I decided to join in. Next time one of them flew towards me, I bounced back towards him, leading with a forearm.

He went down and wandered off looking sheepish. If rugby is good for nothing else, it is an excellent practice for having fun in a mosh pit, and knowing how to take someone out, if the need arises.

Best pit ever was Dropkick Murphys. Don't care for the music, but the pits are incredible!
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 10:54, closed)
you sir
get a click for having an awesome taste in bands!

(The story was ace too)
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 11:08, closed)
Reminds me of two girls at college.
They went to a concert, stood right at the front of the mosh pit and headbanged their hearts out, until they smashed out their two front teeth on the edge of the stage.
We laughed.
They then went to the college and got money from the student fund to have their teeth fixed.
We laughed less.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 13:23, closed)
most gigs these days have rows of cocks with mobile phones video-ing the show rather than mosh pits. Even getting kicked in the nuts watching Soundgarden at the Bristol Bierkeller is better than that.

Bring back the good old days, start a mosh and stamp on their phones!!
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 13:31, closed)
I have this image of you pushing a teen into the moshpit and her coming back looking like teenwolf... "with hair everywhere"
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 14:08, closed)
Mosh Pit Story
Foo Fighters Wembley 2003, I was merely 18 years old and relatively new to big mosh pits. 2 massively fat blokes start literally throwing their weight around the crowd. As little me starts to back away from these louts, one of them spots me as an easy target, grabs my arm and throws me into the pit. What he wasnt expecting was for me to use the momentum and counter trajectory to hurl the fat cunt into the foray.

The other fat bloke loved it so much that he insisted I use him for a boost and go crowd surfing. He fucking hurled me ontop of that crowd and I sailed beautifully towards Grohl and chums on stage.

Is anyone esle thinking that 'mosh pits' would make a good QOTW topic. has it bindun? I'm off to suggestions!
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 15:04, closed)
This all sounds terribly violent.

I shan't be engaging in such rampant lunacy any time soon; of that I can assure you. I am, quite shamelessly, what you might call a bit of a wuss.

On the other hand, it seems she got her just deserts and a click is heading your way by virtue of congratulations.

Jolly good show young man.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 16:44, closed)
Nice work :)
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 17:07, closed)
kiddies these days seem to think they have just invented mosh pits and that anyone over the age of 25 will be shocked and awed by their antics. Them kerrrr-azy kids!
The fact that I was moshing back in the day, before their Dads had started wanking, and just because I look like a balding old man* doesn't mean I'm incapable of retaliating with a good old-fashioned punch in the throat and slamming around with the best of 'em, seems to escape them. It's always good to educate them.

Oh, and Suicidal Tendencies, with Cro Mags supporting....now that WAS one of the best gigs, pit upon pit. Mayhem!

(*OK, so I AM a balding old man, any stints in the pit are getting shorter and shorter, and the time spent against the wall gasping for breath are getting longer, but meh)
(, Tue 22 Dec 2009, 22:57, closed)
I bet you drove home in your HOnda Accord as well.

(, Wed 23 Dec 2009, 10:33, closed)

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