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This is a question School Assemblies

Our school assemblies were often presided over by the local vicar, who once warned us of the dreadful dangers of mixing with "Rods and Mockers". One of the cool teachers laughed. Tell us about mad headteachers and assemblies gone wrong.

Inspired by the mighty @Rhodri on Twitter

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 12:43)
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I Am A Former Mad Headteacher......
....and if we don't get some funny stories you'll all be sat in here during playtime!
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 17:25, 8 replies)
I don't mind as long as you let me
be milk monitor again. Not all the kids liked milk and I had a four bottles a day habbit.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 17:27, closed)
........if you stop putting the straws up your bottom before you put them through the silver caps.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 17:51, closed)
School dinners
This thread should have been about school dinners. A very entertaining topic indeed.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 19:33, closed)
Ok, you start us off then.

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 20:01, closed)
Healthy options? I don't think so.
Span fritters with baked beans and chips. Even the thought of that combination fills me with dread.
Also, fried bread with minced beef and roast potatoes. Some food nutritionist somewhere was having a laugh. Or maybe the government was trying to send a whole generation to an early grave with heart disease.
Tapioca makes me squirm. It will always be "frog spawn" to me.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 21:10, closed)
Brown sponge pudding made with dried egg...smelled like gangrene.

(, Fri 14 Jun 2013, 10:30, closed)
There's only so much entertainment to be had from tasteless overboiled grey mush and unidentifiable cold lumps of fat/gristle.

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 23:06, closed)
But nonetheless
Your mother makes a living and we shouldn't begrudge her that.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 23:59, closed)

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