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This is a question School Days

"The best years of our lives," somebody lied. Tell us the funniest thing that ever happened at school.

(, Thu 29 Jan 2009, 12:19)
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Born to be a B3tard...

Picture the scene...the late 70's and it is class photo day. My proud mum has dressed little 6 year old me in my favourite' Action Man' army top.

I'm originally sat at the front and centre of the group but everytime the photographer yells for us all to say 'Cheese!' I belm. Hard. I can't help myself.

After a few failed attempts the photographer grasses me up and I'm eventually forced to stand next to the teacher so she can keep me in line...

But as the Photographer gave the fateful cue...

"Say Cheese!"

I just couldn't resist.

Unsurprisingly, when the developed prints finally arrived, I soon found myself on the arse end of a proper verbal kicking from my teacher, then the headmistress, then my parents and finally the parents of the other children in the class.

But all these years later...I still think it was worth it.
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 20:51, closed)
At least you're not the ginger in the front left...
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 20:52, closed)
Or the grinning boy in the bad Boxing day jumper* above...

*May have been forced to wear one to non-uniform day myself...and I'm a girl...
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 22:02, closed)
haha no, he was off sick that day.. thats just a cardboard cut out of him
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 4:57, closed)
Belming is part of who you are.
Don't fight it. Accept it and move on.

(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 20:56, closed)
Accept it...?

Why, I positively embrace it!
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 8:29, closed)
We may have been separated at birth
It's not deliberate but my face always belms in pictures too. Only this morning my flatmate tried to take a picture of me in our lovely snowy garden. She made three attempts before sighing heavily and giving up. Then there was the wedding pictures of a friend I ruined by- and I quote the photographer here- 'appearing to have a stroke in every photo [I] featured in'
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 21:03, closed)
I'm quite worried
By that fact that (apart from the belming), if you told me that was a photo of me at that age, I'd believe you.
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 21:26, closed)
You poor bugger...!
I can only hope that you turned out to be better looking than I did in later years...

But that shouldn't be too difficult...considering that I now look like one of Quasimodo's kneecaps :(

One thing though..I've noticed that in a lot of my childhood photos I seem to have cold, dead, 'Ben Stiller'-esque eyes.

Let me assure you that is not really the case..they're just a bit squinty, that's all.

Bloody 70's photography
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 21:32, closed)
I now look a little like John Lennon (supposedly - I can't see it myself). Not sure if that's an improvement or not...
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 1:35, closed)
I used to get told alot I looked like Tom Cruise back in the 80's
Now that he's an A1 Nutjob, I'm glad I don't get those comments anymore..

*runs off to study scientology*
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 5:00, closed)
After that..............
I suppose the band name was inevitable.

*clicks for yet more Pooflake childhood pics*
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 22:40, closed)
The amazing thing is
that aside from the fact that your hair is now worn somewhat shorter, you haven't changed a bit!

Very brave of you to post that up here - I wouldn't dare put any of me when I was at primary school - I went from looking like Shirley Temple at five to having the nickname of Willie Rushton at eleven.
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 22:45, closed)
A Click
for genius
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 22:53, closed)
Well done for belming AND jabbing tartan shirt boy up the backside.
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 23:05, closed)
I like the way
They've maximised the distance between the two ginger kids.

Presumably in case they breed?
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 0:13, closed)
To be fair, it looks like you were trying to fit into a class of some right fucking mutants.

You've even got Mick Hucknall's retard sister front left there.
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 0:14, closed)
You have no idea...

The mong-tage you see in the posted photo is just a small 'zoomed in' selection...Even for the 70s I was amongst a bunch of real spacktards...


Incidentally, For regular readers of my posts, the girl 2nd row, third from the right was the famous 'Becky' that I used to get mistaken for.

(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 8:23, closed)
Has the lad, bottom-right
been shat on by the boy behind him?
(, Wed 4 Feb 2009, 5:32, closed)
Hmm, I spotted the suspicious looking 'stain' too...

God knows what it is...But here's my guess.

When I came up with the idea of posting this photo I wasn't sure of where it was.

I phoned my folks, and sure enough, after much rummaging, my mum finally dug out the photo.

We all brielfy reminisced and chortled accordingly.

Unfortunately, due to the snow and Ice situation, I wasn't about to go round my folks' house to collect the picture...

So I asked my dad to scan it and email it to me.

Bless him, my dad has NEVER done anything quite so technical in his life.

It's a strong possibilty he shat himself in fear at such a prospect and the stain on the photo is a memento of my dad's shuddering launch into the 21st century.
(, Wed 4 Feb 2009, 8:28, closed)

all those kids fitted on one yellow bus?
(, Wed 4 Feb 2009, 6:22, closed)
Just legendary! *click*
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 1:07, closed)

hot teacher
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 7:25, closed)
Very good... and, yes, your teacher is probably wearing stockings and a balconette bra under that gear.... hmmmm hmmmm....
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 9:17, closed)
You've rumbled me.
The real reason I asked you to be my bridesman is because you'd give our wedding photos that certain "je ne sais quoi" (sp?)

Lots of love,

(, Thu 5 Feb 2009, 0:42, closed)

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